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NWA Wrestling Showcase
by SamoaRowe

January 17th 2008

-The show opens with NWA World Champion Adam Pearce, introducing the Showcase to us. He puts over the history of the NWA and the World title. Pearce promises outstanding wrestling matches of all styles every week here on the showcase (airing on the DISH Network and for free at NWAWrestling.com).

-David Marquez and Rob Conway are the hosts for the evening, evidently. They are standing in front of a glitzy casino, accompanied by some show girls. Marquez puts over Conway has being well known to wrestling fans all over the world. This could be a great new start for Conway, he is getting an opportunity to be himself, something that never happened for him in WWE. Marquez and Conway debate the controversial way that Pearce won the NWA title, but they don't provide any actual details.

Hidaka vs. TJ Perkins
This bout was taped in Houston, Texas. Perkins gets the early advantage, but Hidaka reverses and works the arm. Perkins reverses a wristlock, and transitions into a hammerlock. Hidaka reverses and arm drags Perkins into another wrist lock. Hidaka transitions into a fun arm wringer. Perkins breaks free and the match restarts. A test of strength doesn't last long before Perkins regains an advantage. Hidaka attempts a chain wrestling comeback, but Perkins regains control. Hidaka breaks free and side tackles Perkins. The pace quickens, and Hidaka leaves Perkins caught in the ropes. Perkins dumps Hidaka to ringside, which only frustrates him. Perkins catches Hidaka in a fun pendulum hold. Perkins lets it go and attempts the cover. Uppercuts by Perkins, who then attempts a flying cross body, which Hidaka counters with a drop kick. Hidaka handsprings into a leg lariat on the cornered Perkins, snap mares, and hit's a double stomp off the top rope. Hidaka plays to the crowd instead of capitalizing on his momentum, giving Perkins a chance to breath. Hidaka takes control with a sleeper. Perkins almost passes out, but hulks up instead. Perkins cleans house with a flurry of high-flying offense. Perkins hit's a nice tornado DDT off the turnbuckle for a close fall. Scoop slam by Perkins, who then misses a top rope move. Hidaka hit's a drop toe hold, but gets caught with a drop kick. Hidaka comes back with a spinning heel kick. Stiff super kick by Hidaka and then a reverse DDT for a close fall. Perkins mounts a comeback, hit's a hurricanrana pin attempt, for only 2. Perkins goes high risk again, but Hidaka blocks the frog splash with his knees. Sit-out power bomb by Hidaka only gets 2. Perkins blocks the super kick, which leads to a series of reversals. Perkins catches Hidaka in a pinning predicament and gets the victory at 9:51. This was a good match to kick things off, as both men wrestled a smart wrestling match before the reversal-fest at the end, **3/4.
Winner: TJ Perkins

-After the match, Karl Anderson and Joey Ryan jump Perkins. Some luchadors get involved, and Adam Pearce joins the fray to take them out. I have no clue what's going on here.

-Marquez and Conway gush over the match we just witnessed. Marquez tries to explain what happened in the run-in festival that took place afterwards. Conway thinks the match was provoked.

Flag match:
Los Luchas vs. Real American Heroes

The Real American Heroes are Karl Anderson and Joey Ryan. The match begins with a lot of stalling by both teams. The red masked luchadore (I'm waiting for the announcers to tell me who he is) kicks things off against the guy I recognize as being Joey Ryan, but again I'm waiting for the announcers to introduce them to me. The red masked guy sends Ryan groin first into the ring post. The silver masked guy tags in, while Anderson and Ryan comfort each other with hugs. Anderson slams the silver luchadore to the mat and plays to the crowd. Oh, the silver masked guy is Zokre, and a quick Google search tells me the red masked star is Phoenix Star. Now I can continue on in peace. Anderson misses a leg drop on Zokre, who then hit's a tirt-a-whirl takedown. Zokre hit's a flying head scissors off the ropes, and Anderson is flustered. Anderson skins the cat and takes too much time taunting the crowd. Zokre clotheslines Anderson to the floor. Zokre fakes a dive to the floor. Anderson and Ryan tease leaving the arena. Los Luchas take the time to go after the flag, but Anderson and Ryan jump them from behind. Oh right, I forgot this was supposed to be a flag match. Los Luchas hit stereo sunset flips on the Heroes, who grab each other's hands for leverage. Los Luchas counter this by pulling down their tights. That's actually pretty funny. This pisses off the Heroes, who take advantage. Joey Ryan drops Phoenix Star on the guard rail. In the ring, Zokre is doing everything he can to prevent Anderson from capturing the flag. The match regains some order, with the Heroes isolating Phoenix Star. Joey Ryan hit's a nice drop-kick on Star, which the announcers put over as the greatest drop-kick in all of wrestling. The isolation of Phoenix Star continues with a tag to Anderson, who hit's a pretty good leg lariat. Phoenix Star hit's a desperate roll-up on Anderson, for a 2 count. This angers Anderson, who slams Phoenix Star into the guard rail. Phoenix Star quickens the pace and ducks the clothesline attempts of Anderson. Zokre finally gets the tag and hit's a springboard clothesline on Anderson. Zokre is a house on fire as he cleans house on the Heroes. Zokre tosses Anderson into a spear by Star. Los Luchas have some awesome double team moves, including a great looking double blockbuster. Phoenix Star soon finds himself diving onto both Ryan and Anderson on the floor. Zokre hits his own dive to the floor, which is a shame because he had a chance to capture the flag. Anderson tosses Phoenix Star towards Ryan, who misses a super kick. That looked like a botch. Anderson hit's a spine buster on Zokre, and the Heroes go for the flag. Los Luchas hit stereo roll-ups, and now I'm confused on the rules of the match, as pinfalls seem to count. Los Luchas arrange a meeting of the minds for the Heroes and hit double springboard sentons. Los Luchas capture the flag for what appears to be the victory at 12:52, but the referee misses it because of C. Edward Vander Pyle interrupting on the apron. Adam Pearce runs in and attacks Los Luchas with the flag, and lets the Heroes get the cover just in time for the referee to turn around and count to 3 at 14:07. The match had a few issues (botched spots, issues with the rules, screw job finish) but immediately I dug the feud and the chemistry amongst both teams. I would like to see more of this, **1/2.
Winners: The Real American Heroes

-We see an interview with Bob Caudle at an NWA Fan Fest. Caudle is having a great time, including reminiscing with other old timers about the old times.

-Marquez and Conway introduce Ricky Vega.

-We see Ricky Vega heading to the ring at a Puerto Rico show, ready to face Cassidy O'Brien.

Ricky Vega vs. Cassidy O'Brien
O'Brien attacks Vega before the match officially begins. Vega no-sells some chops and fires away with some chops of his own. O'Brien goes for a leg scissors, but Vega counters and slams his opponent. Vega hit's a fireman's carry into a face first Samoan drop variation. This is enough for the win at 0:56. Okay, for a squash.
Winner: Ricky Vega

-It's time for Meet the Champions! First, there is Amazing Kong, who is holding the Women's Championship. Also, at an upcoming NWA Virginia event, Adam Pearce will defend the NWA title against Damien Wayne.

-Marquez and Conway react to the Flag match. Conway is confused why Las Vegas fans would be cheering on Mexico's Los Luchas. Marquez seems to want to bring up when Conway was a French sympathizer in La Resistance, but gets cut off.

El Hijo Del Santo and Rey Misterio Sr. vs. Blue Demon and Nicho El Millionario
This match is coming to you from El Paso, Texas. Nicho charges right away, and the announcers tell me why I recognize him, because he is Psicosis. Rey Misterio Sr. takes down Nicho with a power slam, but he wants a piece of Blue Demon. Tirt-a-whirl backbreaker by Misterio destroys Nicho. Blue Demon tags in, but so does Santo. Santo takes down both Blue Demon and Nicho, and cleans house with some awesome flying attacks. Misterio and Santo hit stereo suicide dives onto their opponents at ringside. Time for a commercial!

After the break, both teams are brawling back into the ring. Blue Demon and Nicho arrange a meeting of the minds on the apron. Nicho and Blue Demon double team and drag Misterio groin first into the ring post. Nicho and Blue Demon target Santo in the ring, double teaming him with a springboard leg drop. Nicho prevents Misterio from getting back into the ring, while Blue Demon tries to remove Santo's mask. That would be an outrage! Santo manages to tag in Misterio, who is quickly beaten down by Blue Demon and Nicho. Nicho gets a chance to win with a cover, but pulls Misterio off the mat for some more beating. Santo tags in, but is also dominated, as Blue Demon and Nicho "make a wish" with his legs. The heels continue to double team Santo, while the ref is distracted trying to keep Misterio out of the ring. Santo gets the tag, but the referee missed it, so it's no good. Wow, this match has all the tag match clichés, doesn't it? Blue Demon and Niche continue their dominance, that is until Santo hit's a head scissors. Misterio holds Niche still while Santo hit's a senton and then a suicide dive onto Blue Demon. Misterio hit's a flying cross body to the floor on Niche. Time for another commercial.

Back from break, and Blue Demon and Santo are going at it full force in the ring. Santo applies a camel clutch, but the referee breaks it. Blue Demon hit's a low blow and picks up the victory at 8:08 (shown). Wow, that was anticlimactic. This was kind of a weird match as the faces were completely dominated throughout and the match ended quickly, it felt like the first 8 minutes of a great 20 minute match, **.
Winners: Blue Demon and Nicho El Millionario

-Marquez and Conway are excited about this first episode and can't wait for the next episode. It's going to have Bryan Danielson! Hurray! Also, Adam Pearce vs. Shawn Waltman. I'm not too jazzed about that one. Either way, I'm looking forward to another episode, this was refreshing.

Final Thoughts:
As I just said, this was a refreshing show to witness. A lot of great indy and international stars got the spotlight this week and I'm always up for more wrestling on television. That, and for a one hour show, the quality of the wrestling was very good as well, so I would recommend that all serious wrestling fans give this show a try. Remember, it can be viewed for free anytime at www.nwawrestling.com!

Thumbs up!

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