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WCW Monday Nitro - February 15, 1999

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Tampa, FL

Nitro opens up with a video hyping up the feud between Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyszko welcome everyone to the show. Schiavone says that Kimberly only suffered facial cuts and will not be around the ring for some time. They also hype up the Flair vs. Hogan title match taking place at Superbrawl in six days.

Backstage, Arn Anderson chases Disco Inferno and attacks Inferno before security runs over and takes a crowbar away from Anderson. Inferno wants Anderson to go to jail because that is assault. Inferno calls Anderson a bum.

Ric Flair and some associates arrived to a warehouse where Eric Bischoff is their personal driver. Bischoff apparently has some kind of plan up his sleeve.

Nitro opening video

Opening Contest: Jerry Flynn defeated Perry Saturn:

Saturn shoulder blocks Flynn to kick off the contest. Flynn elbows Saturn and begins to kick Saturn in the corner several times. Saturn drops Flynn with a right hand and an axe kick for a two count. Flynn gets to the ropes after Saturn gets a leg lock on Flynn for a short time. Saturn goes to work on Flynn’s left knee in the corner for a few moments. Flynn pokes Saturn in the eyes but Saturn drop toe holds Flynn to regain control. Flynn gets up and kicks Saturn down to the mat with a spin kick. Flynn nails Saturn with a clothesline that causes Saturn to spin in the air. Saturn connects with a back suplex but isn’t able to follow up. Flynn super kicks Saturn in the midsection and gets a near fall. Saturn nails Flynn with a super kick of his own. Flynn blocks a back drop and leg sweeps Saturn. Flynn locks in a cross arm breaker but Saturn kicks his way out of the hold. Saturn atomic drops Flynn and springboards off the middle rope hitting Flynn with a cross body for a two count. Flynn regains control in the corner with a choke and chops Saturn down to the mat. Belly to belly suplex by Flynn but only gets a near fall on the cover. Flynn charges the corner and barely hits Saturn with a spinning heel kick. Flynn misses a bicycle kick in the corner. Saturn connects with an exploder suplex and kicks Flynn in the corner. Saturn puts the front of his dress over Flynn’s head and hammers away on Flynn. Scott Dickinson has gotten up on the apron to distract the referee. Saturn leaps off the top rope to connect with a big splash. Chris Jericho runs down with a pipe and leaps off the top but is caught by Saturn who is able to hit an exploder suplex. Saturn gets up and is met with a spin kick from Flynn. Flynn covers and picks up the win! *1/2

Back to Flair and his associates driving to the arena. They are talking about how great Florida is. Flair gets a phone call from someone named Jim. Flair is told about Arn Anderson getting arrested due to attacking Disco Inferno.

A video promoting the Rey Mistero Jr./Kevin Nash feud is shown.

Another video this time promoting the Bret Hart/Will Sasso match taking place later on tonight is shown. Yeah, that is happening.

Second Contest: Juventud Guerrera/Psychosis/Blitzkrieg defeated El Dandy/Hector Garza/Super Calo

Blitz and Calo start off the six man tag match. Calo drop toe holds Blitz and delivers an elbow drop. Blitz kicks Calo in the midsection and delivers a few kicks. Calo counters with a wristlock but Blitz flips out of it. Calo back elbows Blitz after avoiding a springboard moonsault. Weak clothesline by Blitz to continue his offense. Calo slams Blitz but the fans do not like this match. Garza enters and nails Psychosis with a side kick. Psychosis drops Garza with a clothesline for a one count. Garza leaps off the top rope to arm drag Psychosis. Psychosis is able to drop Garza groin first over the top rope. Guerrera tags in and chops Garza followed by a dropkick. Dandy enters and slaps Guerrera. Dandy knees Guerrera in the midsection and drives Guerrera down to the mat after pulling on his hair. Guerrera counters a power bomb with a face buster and proceeds to botch a tornado DDT. Guerrera is tripled teamed as the referee is distracted. Dandy stops Guerrera with a tilt a whirl back breaker and tags out to Garza who leaps off the top connecting with a double axe handle. Garza is yanked down by the hair and is tripled teamed as the referee is distracted. Blitz comes back into the match and avoids a splash from Garza. Garza recovers and nails Blitz with a vicious clothesline as Nitro goes to commercial. Psychosis has a head scissors on Calo but let’s go rather quickly. Guerrera enters by connecting with a springboard missile dropkick on Calo. Dandy tags back in and dropkicks Guerrera. Dandy follows up with a snap suplex but misses a falling head butt. Guerrera backdrops Dandy and springboards off the top with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Guerrera continues with a scoop slam and heads to the top rope. Guerrera misses a big splash and Dandy gets a near fall. Dandy delivers a knee breaker and works on Guerrera’s left knee before tagging out to Garza who atomic drops Guerrera and quickly connects with a snap suplex for a two count. Garza misses a leaping splash in the corner and Guerrera tags out to Blitz. Calo enters and clotheslines Blitz. Calo dropkicks Blitz into his own corner and delivers a back breaker for a two count. Calo misses a springboard moonsault and Psychosis tags in only to miss a leaping dropkick. Psychosis manages to nail Calo with a spinning heel kick and works with Guerrera to connect with a power bomb/top rope leg drop combo for a two count. Garza slams Guerrera butt first down to the mat for a two count. Guerrera drops Garza throat first across the top rope and connects with a springboard dropkick for a two count. Psychosis dropkicks Dandy to the floor. Guerrera botches a springboard dive to the floor. Garza leaps off the top and nails Dandy with a cross body on the floor. Psychosis takes out Garza and Dandy with a suicide dive. Blitz nails Calo with a springboard spin kick and a standing spin splash for a two count. Calo side slams Blitz but only gets a near fall on the cover. Calo slips off the top rope and falls to the floor. Calo botches a springboard hurricanrana and falls to the mat. Blitz leaps off the top connecting with a 630 splash and pins Calo. *3/4

A helicopter has a spotlight on the limo that Flair is riding in. Bischoff has driven Flair to a field. We also see several black hummers following the limo. Bischoff gets out of the limo running as the New World Order get Flair out of the limo and end up attacking Flair. Well, Flair drops Hogan with a right hand but backs away from Nash who has a stick. Several more hummers show up circling around Flair. Hogan attacks Flair from behind and proceeds to pummel Flair along with everyone else in the New World Order. Hogan starts to whip Flair with his weight belt a few times while Flair is being held and stomped by other members. Hogan tells Flair that he will never make it to Superbrawl. Hogan continues to hammer away on Flair as Nash holds Flair. This is just getting repetitive. They all begin to taunt Flair. Hogan is now whipping Flair’s exposed back. Whatever happened to those guys Flair was with? They didn’t get help or anything? The New World Order leaves the field after about ten minutes happy with what they have done to Flair.

Third Contest: Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko defeated Dave Taylor/Fit Finlay in a tag team tournament match

Benoit and Finlay kick off the contest with Finlay ramming his shoulder into Benoit’s midsection in the corner. Finlay keeps control of Benoit with a standing cross face but switches to a nerve hold before delivering an elbow to Benoit’s face. Benoit rams Finlay face first into a corner and delivers a chop. Finlay spears Benoit in the corner followed by a scoop slam. Taylor and Malenko tag into the bout but neither man gets the advantage. Taylor controls Malenko with some mat based wrestling for a few moments. Taylor hip tosses Malenko but misses an elbow drop. Benoit and Malenko back elbow Taylor for a two count. Finlay tags in and uppercuts Benoit before dropping Benoit throat first across the top rope. Finlay continues his onslaught with a clothesline for a two count. Finlay tosses Benoit to the floor which allows Taylor to uppercut Benoit. Benoit fights back in the ring with chops and tags out to Malenko. Malenko connects with a vertical suplex but only gets a two count. Malenko goes for a Boston Crab as Nitro goes to commercial. Malenko runs into a back elbow from Taylor in the corner. Finlay delivers a jaw breaker to Malenko followed by a scoop slam. Taylor enters again and gouges Malenko’s eyes. Malenko tags in Benoit but the referee was distracted by Finlay. Finlay drives Malenko chest first across the apron on the floor. Finlay also drops Malenko throat first across the guard railing. Malenko gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Malenko continues to be worked on by both Taylor and Finlay for a few more moments. Malenko avoids a spear in the corner and Finlay hits the ring post. Benoit tags in and clotheslines Finlay. Benoit gets a near fall on Finlay following a snap suplex. Benoit continues with a back suplex but only manages to get a one count. Finlay blocks a kick and attempts a tombstone but Malenko dropkicks Benoit onto Finlay. Malenko tags in and clotheslines Finlay in the corner. Taylor tags in but is dumped to the floor by Malenko. Taylor holds Malenko to allow Finlay to simply kick Malenko. Taylor misses a splash in the corner and tries to get out of the Cloverleaf but Benoit leaps off the top nailing Taylor with a flying head butt! Malenko gets the Cloverleaf on Taylor and wins the bout. *

Tony, Mike and Bobby talk about the Scott Steiner/Diamond Dallas Page feud. Eventually, the Nitro Girls talk about their feelings regarding Kimberly’s injuries.

Footage of Will Sasso effectively costing Bret Hart the WCW United States Championship last week is shown.

Fourth Contest: Bret Hart defeated Will Sasso

Hart clotheslines Sasso to kick off the contest and begins to stomp away on Sasso in the corner. Hart leg drops Sasso and kicks Sasso to the floor where Sasso just flops around. Hart has grabbed a chair and casually drinks water. Hart dumps some water onto Sasso and chokes Sasso with the television cord. Debra Wilson grabs a chair away from Hart. Well, Wilson is now whacking Sasso with the chair. Hart head butts Sasso in the lower midsection. Hart has the Sharpshooter locked in and Sasso taps out quickly. NR
After the match, Debra Wilson celebrates the win with Bret Hart. What the hell…

Backstage, the New World Order arrives to the building. Tony doesn’t seem to realize that they are the New World Order. What a moron. They walk through the crowd to the ringside area. Hogan wants his buddies to head to the backstage area and have a party. Hogan isn’t worried about Superbrawl. Hogan believes that he should Flair in his own home town and not in San Francisco. Hogan is giving Flair one chance at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, tonight. Hogan knows that Flair is in the backstage area putting some makeup on. Hogan is going to give Flair a ten count to fight him in the ring. Hogan gets to an eight count but is cut off by the music of Roddy Piper. Hogan asks surprised to see Piper, even though Piper returned last week and is now a champion. Piper says that Hogan makes him sick and is tired of Hogan calling the shots. Piper is Hogan’s reality check. Piper tells Hogan that they are wrestling for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, right now!

Fifth Contest: Roddy Piper defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan by disqualification

Piper hammers away on Hogan and chops away on Hogan in the corner. Piper rubs Hogan’s face into the mat and chokes Hogan with his mask. Piper punches Hogan to the floor. Piper sends Hogan into the ring steps a few times. Hogan begs off in the ring but Piper isn’t going to let up. Piper atomic drops Hogan and gets a near fall following a right hand. Hogan drags Piper to the apron and works on Piper with right hands on the floor. Hogan chokes Piper with his shirt and grabs a chair. Hogan whacks Piper over the back with the chair. Hogan begins to whip Piper with his weight belt a few times. Hogan chokes Piper with the belt in the ring and punches Piper with the belt. Hogan clotheslines Piper in the corner and chokes Piper for a few moments. Piper grabs the belt and starts to whip Hogan with the belt. Piper gets the sleeper hold on Hogan right in the middle of the ring. Well, Scott Hall comes down and stuns Piper a few times to cause the disqualification. 1/2*
After the match, the New World Order beat down Piper. Hall mocks Piper by wearing Piper’s kilt and crotch chops Piper.

Back to the field, a guy driving a truck drives up and helps Flair up. Mind you, there is obviously a camera guy there the whole time capturing this. Flair is put into the truck. Flair tells the guy to go to the Fairgrounds.

A lawyer talks about Scott Steiner filing a lawsuit against Diamond Dallas Page. Steiner is claiming damages of one million dollars. DDP is facing a fifteen year sentence.

Main Event: Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko defeated Mike Enos/Scotty Riggs to advance in the tag team tournament

Considering the outcome of this match is just way too obvious and it’s a piss poor main event, this will get the long story short treatment. During the bout, we see Flair’s continued journey to the Fairgrounds with the random driver that picked him up. Benoit eventually forces Riggs to tap out to the Cross face. NR

The New World Order comes down to the ring for the “main event”. Hogan says he will give Flair a twenty count to come down to the ring for the match. Flair shows up to the Fairgrounds and falls out of the truck to the floor. Flair grabs an axe handle out of the back of the truck and staggers towards the ring. The announcers have no idea what has happened to Flair. Benoit and Malenko run down to the ring to help but they get beaten down. Bagwell hits Flair with the axe handle on the floor as Hogan holds Flair. Hall gives the stun gun to the mysterious person and says “now that you see how it is done, don’t mess it up.”

End of show

My Take: The opening match between Flynn and Saturn was pretty bad but it could have been a lot worse. Saturn is over with the crowd so it makes sense to have him lose to a jobber. I don’t care that Saturn was screwed over by Jericho and Dickinson, Saturn needs to win that match. I’m sure Flynn will not benefit from this win whatsoever.

The six man cruiserweight match was just one big sloppy botch fest. They had a few decent high spots but it has to be one of the worst six man tag matches I have seen in WCW. Super Calo and Blitzkrieg were the main two guys who just butchered their moves. Juventud also had a few botches. It was just a bad attempt to get the crowd into the show.

There are a lot of flaws with the Flair beat down segment. Why wouldn’t the three other guys in the limo make a phone call to police? Hogan just let them go. Fans know that someone is controlling the cameras, so were suppose to suspend our disbelief and believe that Flair has no one to help him. The beat down was pretty weak as well. It was just the same shit they do in front of everyone. It was especially dumb to have Flair recover enough to stumble back to the arena and still get his ass kicked. The baby face didn’t get his heat back at all. Way to go booker man.

Both tag tournament matches were boring and killed the crowd. At least Benoit and Malenko get to the finals at Superbrawl.

Was Debra Wilson turning on Will Sasso really necessary? Seriously? Bret Hart should have just destroyed Sasso by himself. Having Wilson help Hart is just dumb. No need for the stupid turn because there will be zero follow up to it considering they aren’t wrestlers. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Piper/Hogan was horrible. Who honestly even thought Piper would win the championship? Keep on recycling the same angles guys, it will turn WCW around. (Sarcasm)

Overall, this week’s Nitro was just awful. Thank god I was able to get through it in one sitting. Not a good way to lead into Superbrawl.

Thanks for reading.

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