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AEW Dynamite
November 4, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

AEW Dynamite

From Daily's Place, with Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, and Excalibur calling the action.

Show opens with a word from Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Santana. Jericho touts Hager's recent MMA victory but they get interrupted by MJF and Wardlow. Jericho explains that he now realizes that MJF lacks a killer instinct and is too soft to be a part of the Inner Circle.

MJF and The Wardlow vs. The Inner Circle (Sammy Guevara and Ortiz)

Ortiz scores first with a running dropkick, but Wardlow answers with a high chokeslam. MJF tags and tries to prove he isn't soft by doing such manly things like biting his opponent. Ortiz takes a beating but nearly knocks MJF into Wardlow, and makes the hot tag. I'm curious to see what kind of babyface fire Sammy can show, and he shows off with rapid attacks, including a double springboard crossbody! Sammy delivers consecutive corkscrew dives. Wardlow saves MJF from a double team superplex, and MJF catches Ortiz with a double stomp to the wrist. MJF whips Ortiz into a clothesline on Wardlow. Sammy and MJF have a standoff and it's easy to imagine that a real arena crowd would have popped big. Sammy hits his patented GTS, but Wardlow saves the match. Inner Circle swarm Wardlow, but he arranges for a Tower of Doom that hurts MJF more than anyone. F10 on Ortiz, but MJF breaks the pin with a crossbody. Sammy hits a springboard somersault senton onto MJF, but Matt Hardy disguises himself as Serpentico to throw a chair at his archnemesis' face. Meanwhile, MJF easily finishes Ortiz with the Salt of the Earth at 9:26. Fun and lively opener with some compelling storylines in play, ***.
Winners: MJF and Wardlow

MJF tackles Jericho through a fake wall and has to be physically separated from Le Champion.

Tony Shiavone interviews Kenny Omega at his home, or so we think. Omega says this isn't his real home and complains about having to live in Jacksonville. Kenny complains about Tony Khan's management, says he's accustomed to winning prestigious tournaments, and vows to become the next AEW Champion.

Trent vs. Miro (with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford)

Miro is still pissed that Trent broke Kip's arcade machine and they also traded jabs on a podcast. Miro interrupts Justin Roberts to insult his opponent, and Trent makes him pay with a shotgun dropkick. Miro comes right back with a back suplex. Trent has a hard time regaining any momentum as Miro picks him apart. Orange Cassidy arrives to provide a distraction while Chuck Taylor takes out Sabian. Trent chops his way back into the contest, but Miro reverses a DDT into an overhead suplex. Miro throws Trent through the ring post to send us to commercial. During the break, the Dark Order attacked OC, but Miro makes them back down. Trent then breaks Miro's bear hug and digs deep to clothesline Miro off his feet. Trent shows great fire while hitting suplex, but Miro blocks his running knee for a tilt-a-whirl power slam for 2. Miro misses a bicycle kick and Trent pulls the ropes to send him to ringside for a somersault senton. Tornado DDT by Trent and his running knee gets a stellar nearfall. Trent (intentionally) botches a springboard and Miro thrust kicks the face. Miro applies Game Over to win at 12:00. Ah man, these guys have insanely good chemistry together and this was absolutely cooking until the abrupt finish, ***½.
Winner: Miro

Taylor and Sabian return. Miro takes down Best Friends and says they have no manners, but he doesn't see Orange Cassidy flying in with a top rope dive.

Jim Ross sits down to talk to Hangman Adam Page and his adult beverage. Page knew that he'd meet Kenny Omega in the finals, which is good because he knows all of his moves and tricks. J.R. thinks Page is more nervous than he's letting on. Page admits that if he doesn't win at Full Gear, he's got nothing but whiskey.

Team Taz comes to the ring. Taz complains about not being able to get a word in with Tony Khan, who was too busy dealing with talent slated for Full Gear. Taz (rightfully) points out that Brian Cage is ranked #1 in the singles division, while Starks unranked despite winning 10 out of his last 11 matches. They are sick of getting worked and promise to make their presence felt at Full Gear.

Private Party and Matt Hardy come to the ring, but Sammy Guevara ambushes Matt and slams him onto the ramp.

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

Nick gets the better of Quen early. The Bucks make quick tags and slam Quen onto Kassidy. Bucks hit stereo dives to ringside, and Matt seems to mess up his ankle on the landing. Matt is hobbling and eats a high crossbody from Quen. Nick tags, but Private Party swarm him to hit an assisted double stomp to the head, and hip tosses one Buck onto the other. Private Party hit opposite stereo dives and a tandem back suplex on Nick. Matt throws Kassidy off the top rope, which allows the Bucks to double team Quen with a bulldog/dropkick combo. They drape Quen for a swanton bomb, but Kassidy saves the match. Quen blocks the Meltzer Driver and (sloppily) hits double DDT's. They cut to commercial. They return with Quen reversing the Bucks into a meeting of the minds. Hot tag to Kassidy, who goes supernova while cleaning house. Private Party hit Nick with a standing SSP into a Codebreaker position. Matt's ankle is too hurt for a tag, and Quen rana's Nick into a cutter, and Matt powers in for the save. Quen misses a top rope SSP and eats a spear. Nick hits a running knee on Quen for a great 2 count. Matt limps in, Quen reverses the Meltzer Driver, and they trade urgent pinning predicaments. Bucks are walking wounded as they finish Quen with the BTE-Trigger at 13:01! Strong match, full of high flying ingenuity. I hope Matt's injury is a work, as it made for a compelling storyline, ***½.
Winners: The Young Bucks

FTR ambush Young Bucks from behind and hit the Good Nigh Express. Tully Blanchard brings in a chair to Pillmanize Matt, while Nick is forced to watch. Drunken Hangman Page stumbles in for the timely save, while Kenny Omega arrives moments later. Just when it looks like all is well within the Elite, Page takes exception to Omega turning his back on him and they exchange words.

Tony Shiavone hosts Eddie Kingston and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley in the ring. Eddie quickly kicks Tony out and gets into Mox's face. He vows to win the AEW title and hand it straight to his mother, because it means more than anything, which justifies why Eddie became everything he hates. Moxley says he's been burned a lot in this business, but he never expected this from Eddie, who he's eaten dinner with at his mother's house and felt such joy when he got signed to AEW. Moxley clearly gets under Eddie's skin to the point where he won't even look at him. Moxley will make Eddie break a promise to his mother, and Kingston verbally tears him a new one before storming off. This was fantastic, they have quickly made Moxley vs. Kingston feel like a natural PPV main event.

Video package for Pac, who has been stuck overseas due to the pandemic. Special effects suggest that Pac is stuck in his own head, as he's trapped in a room full of Pacs. Despite losing his mind, he's become obsessed with fitness and looks ready to retake AEW by storm. This made for a cool package.

Red Velvet and Brandi Rhodes are waiting in the ring, but they cut to a backstage interview with the Natural Nightmares. Allie quickly interrupts and thanks QT Marshall for all he did for her, but now his credit cards are maxed out, so she unleashes the Butcher and Blade onto them.

Red Velvet (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero)

Velvet's dropkick has little effect, but she manages to kick Rose into the corner. Rose pops up for a shoulder block and steps over the gut. Rose decimates Velvet while Women's Champion Hikaru Shida watches from the front row. Velvet hits some token offense, but Rose counters into the Beast Bomb. Rose pulls Velvet out of a cover and hits Shida's running kick for the win at 1:58. Good squash, though it's a shame that we've seen so little from Rose in recent months.
Winner: Nyla Rose

Vickie mocks Red Velvet for failing to win despite having Brandi in her corner. Vickie turns to Shida, claiming that Tony Khan forced her to accept Nyla's challenge for Full Gear, because she's going to cry and lose. Shida takes a shot at Vickie, and Rose steps in for the brawl across the guard rail. A referee breaks it up, and Shida stands tall with her title.

Video package for Omega vs. Page set to "Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone" by Cinderella. This makes me chuckle, although I'm not sure they should be going for laughs with this feud.

Eerie video package from Darby Allin, who trashes a car in the woods with his skateboard. Special effects allow him to climb into the driver's seat and run himself over. Wrestling makes me type many strange things. Back to Daily's Place, Allin is hanging out in the balcony, which is becoming more Sting-like with each passing week.

The Dark Order (Preston Vance, Colt Cabana, and John Silver) vs. TNT Champion Cody (with Arn Anderson) and The Gunn Club (Billy and Austin Gunn)

Cody locks up with Silver, who is suddenly the breakout star of AEW after getting himself over with zany antics on Being the Elite. Quick tag to Austin, but Silver lights him up with a chop. Austin hits a basement dropkick and somersault bulldog for 2. Silver backs off from Billy with a tag to Colt. Billy blocks the Flying Apple and hits a power slam for 2. Silver's interference lets Vance hit Austin with a spinebuster. The Dark Order take control just in time for a commercial. Back from break, Billy gets a hot tag and plants Silver with a power slam. Vance eats a Fame-asser, and Cody helps with a slick power slam on Silver. Cody wipes Cabana out with a dive. Vance sneaks a cutter on Billy for 2. Meanwhile, Cody throws Silver into the crowd. Austin hits Cross Rhodes on Colt, and the Quick Draw on Vance to win at 8:47. I guess they see something in Austin, as this was a big, and sudden, victory for the young Gunn. Match was just okay, **.
Winners: Cody and the Gunn Club

The Dark Order prepare a beatdown, but Orange Cassidy runs in for a Superman Punch on Silver. Cody takes a mic and addresses Allin's claims that TNT doesn't want him to be the champion. In fact, TNT would love to have Darby as champion, and even Cody would love it because he had to convince AEW officials to sign him in the first place. Cody congratulates himself for leaving "the empire" and winning, which has pissed many people off, and declares himself to be the ace. Allin stares a hole through Cody from the stands, and just like that, I am so ready for this match again.

Final Thoughts: Simply terrific go-home show that made me care more about every match on the Full Gear card. I still suspect the buyrate will be down from previous AEW PPV's, but this did well to make a case for a purchase on Saturday.

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