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AEW Dynamite - September 28, 2022

by Doc Allen


Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our hosts are Tony Shiavone, Excalibur, and Taz.

ROH World Champion Chris Jericho and the JAS head to the ring for a pizza party with Luigi Primo. They're still doing the "AEW Galaxy, appreciate us" shtick, and I think they should stop because it's mocking a legitimately over act. Luigi says he's made them the best pizza from New York City, and the JAS aren't sharing with anyone. The fans save this with a "We want pizza" chant. Jericho's newest nickname is "The Ocho" in honor of his 8th world title. He was already the most honorable man in AEW, and now he's the most important ROH Champion in history. Jericho promises to defeat Bandido because "sports entertainers always beat pro wrestlers." Jericho then gifts purple bucket hat to Daniel Garcia, but he throws it down and slaps down Luigi (to boos). Garcia tries to break up with the JAS, but Jericho threatens him into reconsidering. Bryan Danielson interrupts and offers Garcia a spot in the Blackpool Combat Club. Jericho insists that Garcia belongs to him, but Garcia disagrees. Daniel then lightens up and considers all the entertaining things he could do with pizza. Maybe it would be entertaining if Garcia and Danielson teamed up against Jericho and Sammy Guevara. Matt Menard hates this and threatens to throw a punch, which amuses Danielson. This leads to a rare impromptu match.

Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Menard (with Angelo Parker)

Menard talks some trash, but backs it up with shoulder thrusts. Bryan turns it around with chops and kicks. Shoulder block by Danielson, then an armdrag to set up some joint manipulation. Menard knocks Danielson off the top rope to send us to commercials. They return with Menard working Bryan over with short-arm lariats. Danielson comes back with fierce chops and kicks. Running clothesline by Danielson, corner dropkicks, and YES kicks. Parker pulls his buddy to safety, so Danielson hits a baseball slide dropkick. Parker saves Menard from a flying knee drop, and Menard hoists Danielson into the post. Parker DDTs Danielson on the concrete, and Menard hits a powerbomb for a decent nearfall. Claudio Castagnoli runs in to neutralize Parker. The Busaiku knee and LeBell Lock finish Menard at 8:50. This was just Bryan's greatest hits and sometimes that's good enough, **½.
Winner: Bryan Danielson

Jon Moxley video promo, recapping his journey to his third AEW Championship. Cut to Juice Robinson, who has hated Jon Moxley for 10 years, and now has a chance to earn a title match.

Wheeler Yuta storms to the ring to crash MJF's scheduled mic time. He's upset that MJF had the audacity to put his hands on poor Tony Shiavone, and wants to fight about it. MJF saunters out and gets booed for the first time in weeks. He insults Philadelphia as the place you live in if you can't afford to live in New York. He checks on "fat prick' Shiavone and compares him to the fans. MJF isn't afraid of Yuta, they wrestled each other up and down North America in the independent circuit. MJF tries to insult Yuta's mic skills, but the fans chant "Shut the f*ck up." He makes fun of the Phillies, which is okay because he's a millionaire at age 26, so I guess he can draw all the cheap heat he wants. Yuta reminds MJF that "bad things happen in Philadelphia" and looks to fight, but MJF hides behind the Gunn Club. MJF agrees to wrestle Yuta next week in dumpy D.C., the Philly fans don't deserve to hear his catchphrase, and he'll watch Moxley fail at wrestling in the skybox. MJF is on a roll, and Yuta is doing okay too.

Sonjay Dutt and friends react to Darby Allin's big win on Rampage. He's in big trouble now, because Jay Lethal is next. Lethal wants to beat Darby without help from Dutt or Satnam Singh.

AEW World Championship Eliminator Match:
Juice Robinson vs. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley

No video package for Juice, but Excalibur informs us that he holds two victories over Moxley in New Japan. Juice ambushes Mox before he reaches the ring. Juice's showboating lets Moxley hit a clothesline to outside. Mox hits a vertical suplex on the floor. MJF is watching from the skybox, and the commentators are acting like he can cash in his poker chip like MITB, which is NOT what I thought they were going for and NOT what I want to see. Juice bites the forehead to get back into the match, but Moxley pops up for a lariat. Juice blocks the Death Rider and then hits a cannonball against the barricade. Back from commercials, Juice is headbutting Mox's bloody forehead. Juice misses a somersault senton through a chair. Moxley hits the suicide dive, and they collide with stereo lariat attempts. Moxley surprises with an Ace cutter for a great nearfall. Mox applies an ankle lock, but Juice gets the ropes. Juice gouges the eyes and hits a powerbomb for only 2! They trade counters until Juice hits Pulp Friction but MOX KICKS OUT! Moxley blocks an airplane spin and nails a Regal knee for 2. Mox stomps the face and applies a cross armbreaker to win at 10:26! Good audition for Juice and a gutsy win for Mox, ***.
Winner: Jon Moxley

Moxley's celebration is interrupted by Hangman Adam Page power walking to the ring. Page won a battle royal on Rampage that guarantees him an AEW title shot and he stands nose to nose with Mox. MJF interrupts to inform them they're fighting for the right to lose to him. Yuta sneaks in for an ambush on MJF and throws him into a couch. They brawl into the crowd, and Yuta has to fight off security. I like this type of segment, it heats up Yuta and feels outside-the-box.

Video package introducing Bandido to all the casual fans and showing what he's all about.

Saraya (FKA Paige) comes to the ring, I presume to make her mission statement. Fans give her a "welcome back" chant. She promises to bring change to the women's division. Saraya waves off the producers telling her to wrap it out and calls out the women's locker room, (er, six of them) led by Toni Storm. Saraya earns some boos for going overboard putting Storm over on the mic. They're interrupted by some heel women, lead by Britt Baker, who dismisses Saraya as the newest shiny toy. Saraya thinks this is funny because Baker's name rhymes with (expletive deleted). The fans chant for Jamie Hayter while Britt talks about how much trouble Toni is in against Serena Deeb. Saraya finally has a boss that will listen to her, so this will be a Lumberjack Match. This felt like a good first chapter in shooting some life into the women's division.

AEW Interim Women's Championship (Lumberjack Match):
Toni Storm © vs. Serena Deeb

Saraya joins commentary while the competitors lock up. They trade shoulder tackles and the lumberjacks return Deeb to the ring. They trade chops in the corner. Deeb reverses a back superplex into a crossbody for 2. Deeb feeds Storm to the heel lumberjacks, which leads to a standoff. Back from commercials, Storm tries to win with a diving crossbody. Storm hits a mean release German suplex, but misses a hip attack. Storm blocks a dragon screw, but Deeb reverses into an inventive reverse surfboard hold. Toni's reversal is countered into a neck crank. Storm escapes and hits another German, but Hayter trips her. The babyface lumberjacks attack Hayter, while Serena goes for a half crab. Toni escapes, goes for a high crossbody, but Deeb rolls into another half crab. Toni counters with a hip attack and then hits Storm Zero for only 2! Serena answers with a dragon screw, but Storm answers back with an avalanche piledriver to win at 11:10! Strong back and forth action, and good use of the lumberjack stip, ***½.
Winner and still AEW Interim Women's Champion: Toni Storm

Tony Shiavone is backstage with AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed (with Billy Gunn). Next week is National Scissoring Night, so get ready! Also, they have an open challenge set for Rampage. Keith Lee interrupts to point out that Gunn interfered in their match, so watch out.

The AFO is imploding and Andrade el Idolo is struggling to maintain the peace. Jose the Assistant tells Private Party to shape up or get shipped off. Matt Hardy shows up to apologize to Private Party and encourages them to quit the stable with his support.

Ricky Starks vs. Eli Isom

Starks is flying high after beating Powerhouse Hobbs at Grand Slam. He quickly hits a spear and Roshambo to win at 0:51. Well, this was better than not seeing Starks on TV following a big win.
Winner: Ricky Starks

Video package recapping the recent chapters in the Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage saga.

ROH World Championship:
Chris Jericho © vs. Bandido

Ian Riccaboni joins commentary. Bandido has been owed a rematch ever since losing the ROH title and Jericho is giving him a shot out of pure honor. The live crowd knows who Bandido is and chants his name. Bandido wants the Code of Honor, Jericho flips him the bird, and hits a quick back elbow. Bandido sends Jericho outside for a tope! Bandido follows with a second dive and it's time for commercials. They return with Jericho in trouble and flying into Bandido's thrust kick. Bandido shows off with a loooong delayed brainbuster (which gets a standing ovation). Bandido hits a Guerrero Frog Splash for only 2. Jericho answers with a facebuster, Bandido blocks a superplex, but Jericho counters with a mid-air Codebreaker for 2. They fight on the apron until Bandido hits a rana to outside! Back from MORE commercials, Bandido's Liger bomb gets 2 and a "this is awesome" chant. Jericho (barely) hits a Lionsault for 2. Bandido answers with a crucifix bomb for another 2 count. Jericho blocks a GTS and locks in the Walls! Bandido gets a dramatic rope break. Jericho hits a second rope vertical suplex, but Bandido answers with a step up enziguri. Bandido hits a top rope moonsault fallaway slam but JERICHO KICKS OUT! Bandido hits his GTS variation, and patented German suplex, but JERICHO KICKS OUT AGAIN! Jericho pokes the eyes, tampers with the mask, but Bandido counters with an inside cradle. Jericho sweeps the legs and locks on the Liontamer to win at 18:29! This was awesome down the stretch, hopefully Bandido has earned himself a job because he's been a natural fit for AEW since 2019, ***¾.
Winner and still ROH World Champion: Chris Jericho

Jericho declares that the Ring of Jericho Era has become. He vows to desecrate ROH's legend and defeat every former champion available. He wants Bryan Danielson in Toronto. He gets started with a Judas Effect on ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise. This should be fun.

Final Thoughts: Not a great Dynamite, but a very good one, which tried some different things, like having impromptu matches and stipulations to shake things up. A lot of very good seeds were planted here, including Jericho's war against everything ROH, the MJF/Yuta feud, Saraya jolting some life into the women's division, and Moxley picking up where he left off from the summer. I'm hooked for the fall season.

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