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AEW Dynamite
July 22, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

AEW Dynamite

From the empty Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm reaching a crazed state where every time I turn on Dynamite, a part of me hopes that the show will open from a random arena with a live crowd and this entire COVID-19 era can be behind us. No such luck again this week. Our hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, and Excalibur.

Cold open with Cody and Arn Anderson in the ring for an open challenge against a "top independent wrestler." ” arrives with a mic and mocks Cody for getting ahead in this business by growing up around greatness, while Kingston had to grow up around alcoholics and junkies. Kingston knows a thing or two about grinding and plans on putting Cody into the ground with a smile. Eddie brags about Tony Khan paying him to kick Cody's ass, and claims that the boss doesn't like Cody all that much, so this is NO DQ's.

TNT Championship (No DQ's):
Cody © (with Arn Anderson) vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston jumps Cody before the bell, but Cody turns it around at ringside. Eddie hits some chops but Cody counters with a Disaster Kick and Suicide Dive. Missile dropkick by Cody and the weight belt comes off. Eddie takes the belt and unleashes a whipping. Kingston exposes some concrete but Cody reverses a piledriver into a backdrop. Eddie seems to injure hi knee but still manages a backdrop driver in the ring. Eddie is visibly limping and it seems to be affecting their gameplan, as Cody oversells some kicks and survives a chinlock. Cody kicks the bad knee but Eddie hits a clothesline. Cody escapes a modified Dragon Sleeper and Eddie collapses under his bad knee, so he resorts to a blatant low blow. DDT by Eddie and he dumps thumbtacks all over the canvas. Cody can't get Eddie onto his back so Kingston powerbombs him onto the tacks! Eddie follows with a backdrop suplex, but Cody pops up for a desperation clothesline. Cody hits a flurry of strikes and locks on the Figure Four in the tacks for the submission at 11:16! Kingston's injury brought this to a screeching halt, but were able to salvage it with the Blood and Guts, **½.
Winner and still TNT Champion: Cody

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley cuts a promo in the garage. He gives Taz a lot of credit for throwing in the towel, because he was definitely on his way to popping Brian Cage's bicep. Given the chance again, Moxley won't let go.

MJF (with The Wardlow) vs. Griff Garrison

MJF grabs a mic and teases the jobber for having shaky knees. He wants to know about "Jungle Man." Griff corrects the name, so MJF asks him what it's like to share the ring with an undefeated man like him. Griff reminds him of the tag loss at Fyter Fest, so MJF clocks him with the microphone and lays waste to young Garrison. Stunningly, the match continues through a commercial in picture-in-picture. MJF controls the pace throughout with Methodical Heel Offense. MJF grabs another mic and apologizes for losing his temper. MJF has never been pinned or submitted and just wants acknowledgement from Griff, who slaps the mic away and stutters. MJF sits himself on Griff's chest and slaps the face until Griffin says what he wants, but the jobber then pops up for a close nearfall on a rollup. MJF is spooked enough to go right for a piledriver and win at 6:05. Long winded match to get this result, but MJF shined as the ruthless yet insecure jerk after the break.
Winner: MJF

Tony Shiavone asks Rebel, or is it Reba, about Britt Baker's nose surgery. She's about to set the record straight on her name when Baker whines for her from the other room. Britt hosts the Rules of Being a Role Model, and rule #4 is "Never Count out a Role Model." Britt is set for the biggest comeback of all time, even bigger than when Michael Jordan came back to the Washington Wizards. Tony takes exception to that, so Britt calls him an "@sshole" and Rebel pipes in that Jordan beats the Monstars everytime! Baker shuts them up and sets All Out as her comeback destination.

Last night on Dark, Ricky Starks joined forces with Taz and Brian Cage, and now they're hear to talk about it. Taz admits that he and Cage had a difficult week and nearly split, but he explains that when he threw in the towel, it was a business decision. He will never let Cage get stuck in that situation again, which is why he's the FTW Champion! They're interrupted by Darby Allin and his skateboard, but Ricky Starks blindsides him! Cage powerbombs Allin on the stage and then into the ring, where Starks puts him down with a reverse powerbomb. They prepare to bash Allin's skull in with the skateboard when Jon Moxley runs in with a barbed wire bat to clear out the ring.

Video package for a women's tag team tournament! The prize is a cup trophy, rather than championship belts, so I breathe a sigh of relief. This is an eye raising announcement considering how depleted the women's roster is due to injuries, travel bans, and free agents signing elsewhere.

Backstage interview with the Inner Circle (aside from Sammy Guevara, who is still on a sensitivity training hiatus). Jericho is still upset about Orange Cassidy ruining his expensive jacket with orange juice, as well as Marko Stunt laughing about it. Jericho finds the Jurassic Express to be funny, like how Luchasaurus isn't really a dinosaur.

The Young Bucks have a referee and are searching for Butcher and Blade to start their Falls Count Anywhere match in the kitchen. They find their targets actually cutting up some meat, they wash their hands like responsible gentlemen and the bell rings!

Falls Count Anywhere:
The Butcher and The Blade vs. The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

They are fighting in the kitchen! Butcher and Blade are right in their element and hit powerbombs and suplexes onto the metal tables for nearfalls. Butcher and Blade haul the Bucks into the parking lot, and Butcher pushes Blade on a rolling cart, but the Bucks dodge and they crash into the support beam. They regroup and toss Matt into the back of a trailer truck, and lawn dart Nick into a door! Matt dives out from the back of the truck! They brawl over to a bar area and clock Butcher with a metal sheet. They set him on a table for a tray assisted senton off the bar! Blade crawls away and gets caught superkicked onto an escalator! They cut to commercial, this has been tons of fun. They return with the Young Bucks hauling Butcher to the ringside area for a tandem bulldog and running knee strike. Butcher dodges Nick's dive and Blade arrives right on time for some chair shots. Butcher and Blade look for a powerbomb through a table, but Matt leaps into a powerbomb of his own while Nick dives over the barricade. Young Bucks look for a double suplex through a table but Butcher reverses. Blade misses a dive and bonks his head on a table (in a botched landing) while Butcher smashes Matt through another table. Matt drop toe holds Butcher in place for Nick to throw a chair at this skull. Young Bucks hit a bulldog/running dropkick combo for 2, and put him in a sharpshooter/crossface, but Blade breaks it up. Blade hangs Nick on the ropes and dumps Matt onto the stage for a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo! Young Bucks arrange a meeting of the minds and SUPERKICK PARTAY!!!~ They set Butcher and Blade up on opposite tables by the tunnels and hit stereo dives off the tops! The Bucks are declared winners at 15:37! Wild stunt show that felt like an Attitude Era throwback with the volume turned up to 11, ****.
Winners: The Young Bucks

Backstage interview with Lance Archer and Jake Roberts, who were MIA at Fight for the Fallen. Archer doesn't like the question and beats up a bunch of jabronis in the locker room, even throwing one guy into the ceiling! Archer throws another guy into a trash can and has proven his point. This was actually kind of hilarious, reminded me of that scene in Rogue One when Darth Vader just goes nuts on a room full of rebels.

Diamante vs. Ivelisse

Ivelisse should provide a much-needed shot in the arm to the depth chart of the AEW women's division. J.R. thinks she and Diamante could be a team someday… because of their Latin backgrounds? Ivelisse seems to have other thoughts as she starts slugging away at the opening bell. Ivelisse hits a springboard armdrag. Big Swole interrupts the match with a picture-in-picture promo talking about serving up some consequences to Britt Baker's fragile ass. Back to the match, Diamante hits a running dropkick but Ivelisse retreats to ringside. They brawl on the floor but Ivelisse manages a kick on the apron for 2. Diamante breaks a chinlock and they exchange more chops. Diamante builds a bit of steam with a German Suplex for 2. Ivelisse answers with a waistlock powerbomb. Diamante catches Ivelisse in a roll-up for the win at 6:29! This provided some good intensity at times, but the overall package felt a bit padded out, **.
Winner: Diamante

5 of the Dark Order vs. Hangman Page

5 is Alan Angels, who gave Kenny Omega a good fight a few months ago. They trade some chops and Page trips him up to hit a big boot. 5 ducks a clothesline and hits an enziguri, but Page boots him off the apron! Page dominates until the rest of the Dark Order arrives on the stage and they cut to a picture-in-picture break. 5 gains control during the commercial and we return just in time for Page to block a moonsault. 5 hits some body shots and enziguri but Page spins him with a lariat. Overhead military press slam by Page and a roaring elbow gets 2. Page finishes with a powerbomb at 8:30. Needlessly long and drawn out, as everything after the break was just a Page squash, **.
Winner: Hangman Page

Page dares the Dark Order to do something about it. Mr. Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana join the party. Lee tries to recruit Page, making the argument that his friends and tag team partner never save him when he's in trouble. The Dark Order can offer protection and will never leave him alone. Page appreciates the offer, but just isn't ready to join a "cult" right now. Lee says Page has made his bed and hopes he enjoys sleeping in it, and then leaves in a huff with Cabana. The other Dark Order troops surround Page, and he's suddenly in a 5 on 1 situation. Page falls to the numbers game, but FTR runs in with a cooler full of ice and saves the cowboy! Kenny Omega arrives after the Dark Order have been cleared, and has to watch Page accept a beer from FTR.

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, with Marko Stunt) vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho and Jake Hager, with Santana and Ortiz)

Jericho is in a foul mood and puts the boots right to Jungle Boy. Deep arm drags by JB and a dropkick forces Le Champion to tag Hager. Luchasaurus tags in for a heavyweight slugfest. Luchasaurus gets the better of Hager and hits a roundhouse kick, but Hager looks for the ankle lock. Inner Circle pick Luchasaurus apart with quick tags. Luchasaurus and Hager collide with double clothesline attempts and Jungle Boy gets a hot tag, finding time to dive onto Santana and Ortiz and sprint into a tornado DDT on Jericho. Stunt interferes with a missile dropkick to send Jericho into a JB rollup. Jericho clocks Stunt off the apron as the Inner Circle regain control just in time for a commercial. They return in time for Jungle Boy to block Jericho's superplex and deliver a high crossbody. JB dodges Hager's head of steam, but Hager clocks Luchasaurus to prevent a tag. Jericho brings in Floyd the bat, but Aubrey Edwards forces him to drop it. Jericho hits a suplex, but JB desperately answers with a clothesline and enziguri. Hager sprints in to cancel a hot tag and puts JB into a chinlock. JB comes back with a reverse double DDT on Jericho and Hager! Luchasaurus finally gets the hot tag and runs wild. DVD on Jericho, but Hager hits a power slam. Match breaks down and Stunt sneak into missile dropkick Jericho, and Luchasaurus gets a very close 2 count. Luchasaurus' spinning roundhouse kick gets a great 2 count on Jericho. Santana climbs the apron, but JB rana's him onto Ortiz! Serpentico sneaks in to hit a baseball bat shot, and Jericho pins Luchasaurus at 17:27! This was a solid, if unremarkable tag match, ***.
Winners: The Inner Circle

It appears that Serpentico has joined the Inner Circle as he helps beat up Jurassic Express and hits a Shooting Star Press. Oh wait, he unmasks to reveal himself as Sammy Guevara, back from sensitivity training. You know, I thought that maaaybe it was Sammy, but I didn't think they were going to give him any hot comeback based on the circumstances of his hiatus. Anyways, Orange Cassidy and Best Friends arrive for a late save and Inner Circle scatter into the stands.

Final Thoughts: The Falls Count Anywhere Match made me feel like a kid again. Everything else served a purpose in terms of building for bigger things down the road, but made for a maintenance episode, which is fine coming after 3 weeks of free-per-view type shows. They have my attention.

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