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AEW (Saturday Night) Dynamite- June 26, 2021

by Samoa Rowe

AEW Dynamite

Live from Daily's Place, it's SATURDAY NIGHT (and you know what that means!). Our hosts are Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Shiavone, and a more robust than usual Jacksonville crowd has gathered to see Jungle Boy step up to challenge Kenny Omega.

Earlier today, Alex Marvez tried to get a word with Sammy Guevara, but Shawn Spears drops him with a chair shot, courtesy of MJF.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Hangman Adam Page

Both guys look happy to be performing in front of a hot crowd and Hobbs enjoys some early dominance. Hangman answers with stomping kicks, and earns a "Cowboy Sh!t" chant. Hobbs retreats to ringside and lures Hangman into a lariat. Hobbs focuses on Hangman's arm in a beatdown. Page blocks a Vader Bomb, but then gets flung into the ring post. Page is bleeding from the back of his skull but manages a big boot to Hobbs' face. Hangman's low bridge sets up a springboard lariat, and then a slingshot plancha. Top rope moonsault by Hangman gets 2. Hobbs answers with an avalanche clothesline. Powerslam by Hobbs, but he then misses a falling headbutt. Stiff lariat by Hangman gets 2, Hobbs blocks Dead Eye and hits a running crossbody. Ricky Starks and Hook show up for an assist, but Brian Cage rushes in to stop them from using the FTW belt as a weapon. Hobbs might not need it, as he hits a wild spinebuster for a stellar nearfall. Hangman hits a deadlift German suplex, followed by Dead Eye, and wins at 11:10! I know they were working their tails off, but this felt like an effortlessly smooth back and forth war, ***¼.
Winner: Hangman Adam Page

Video package profiling Jungle Boy and Kenny Omega ahead of their AEW title match later tonight.

The Young Bucks, with Brandon Cutler, talk to the camera. They tell Cutler to shut up while they run down their accomplishments. They're not scared of Eddie Kingston and Penta because "they aren't even a real tag team." They're the EVP's: Extremely Violent People, and are basically unstoppable.

Tony Shiavone hosts Tully Blanchard and Konnan in the ring. There is some bad blood here after Konnan got involved at Stadium Stampede, on behalf of Santana and Ortiz. Konnan mocks the overwhelming whiteness of Tully and FTR, comparing them to the tough lives Santana and Ortiz have lived growing up as people of color in mean urban streets. Konnan says Tully might want to learn Spanish if he ever wants to communicate with his grandkids. Tully isn't fazed by anything Konnan has to say because FTR is going to end his game. Konnan says LAX will send Tully packing for a role as Walmart greeter and brings out his team in hoods. Tully points to the screen, where it appears that Santana and Ortiz have been left in a heap, and the hooded men are revealed to actually be FTR, and they put Konnan down with a spike piledriver. I like this feud a lot, it's a wonder what unscripted promos can provide.

Dante Martin comes to the ring for his match against Matt Sydal, but gets interrupted by Vickie Guerrero's "EXCUSE ME!" shtick. She brings out Andrade El Idolo for a "big announcement" but is cut off by Matt Sydal's music. Sydal marches past them, insisting on having his regularly scheduled match.

Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal

I fully expected Andrade to beat up Dante, so kudos to AEW for subverting my expectations. Dante and Sydal trade holds while Vickie and Andrade quietly slip away. Martin hits a springboard dropkick for 2. Sydal escapes a headlock, so Martin hits a head scissors takedown. Sydal pops up for a back heel kick for 2. Sydal is in the driver's seat as they head to picture-in-picture commercials. They return with Mike Sydal cheering on his brother, who suffered some setbacks during the break. Sydal wraps himself around Dante's knee for a quick rope break. Dante targets the knee with stiff kicks and hits an explosive slam for 2. Springboard moonsault by Dante gets a good nearfall. Sydal answers with a brutal flying meteora. Dante hits a wild sunset flip but can't score the 3 count. The fans reward them with "This is awesome!" Lightning Spiral by Sydal ends it at 9:17. Good match between two guys who don't have much going on, ***.
Winner: Matt Sydal

Jungle Boy's promo is immediately interrupted by Christian Cage, who advises him to be p!ssed off because so many people are dismissing him, including Kenny Omega. Cage suggests that he shock the world and take the title from Kenny.

Smart Mark Sterling talks up his client, Jade Cargill. They are offering 10% off all of Jade's shirts. They're already sold out of 2XL shirts (because wrestling fans are FAT) and Jade's that b!tch.

Alex Marvez tries to interview MJF, Wardlow, and Shawn Spears, but gets totally disrespected by MJF, who is amused by Spears' attack on Guevara. MJF doesn't understand why people are so mad about his attack on Dean Malenko, because he's old and has Parkinsons' disease, so why is he involved in a dangerous business like pro wrestling? He deserves thanks for sending Dean to an early retirement, and that earns him an ambush attack by Chris Jericho and Jake Hager. They brawl to the ring, where the Pinnacle gain the upper hand and prepare to destroy Jericho's arm with a chair. Sammy Guevara rushes in for the save and smashes a chair over Wardlow's head. Spears and MJF retreat, while the fans chant "Sammy!"

TNT Champion Miro talks to the camera. He's sick of being attacked for no reason, which brings him to Brian Pillman Jr., who recently disrespected him. Miro brands himself as "God's Favorite Champion" and will punish Pillman for being brave enough to attack him.

Ethan Page (with Scorpio Sky) vs. Bear Bronson (with Bear Boulder)

Bear Country have looked pretty good in short matches on Dark, but kind of stunk the last time they were featured on Dynamite. Ethan agrees with me, and punches Bronson in the face, earning him a flurry of shots into the buckles. Bronson hits a power slam for 2. Scorpio sacrifices himself to take Bronson's dive. Boulder inadvertently distracts the ref while Men of the Year double team Bronson. Ethan is in the driver's seat and if you sense it's time for a commercial break, it's because it is. They return with Bronson clubbing his way into a comeback. Spinebuser by Bronson, but he then misses a senton. Bronson recovers with a seated senton for 2. Ethan answers with a massive superplex for a great nearfall. Bronson hits a sidewalk slam for a less convincing 2 count. Boulder pulls Scorpio off the apron, but Ethan hits Bronson with a low blow and Ego's Edge to win at 9:55. Perfectly solid match that puts the right heat on Ethan, **½.
Winner: Ethan Page

Ethan takes the mic to talk about how he's not finished with Darby Allin. The fans eat this up and chant "Darby" while Ethan says that pinning him wasn't enough, because he wants to be the nail in his coffin. He sets the challenge for a Coffin Match at Road Rager in Miami.

Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel (not Reba) talk to the camera. Britt is pretty excited about all the damage she's going to give to Vickie Guerrero when they meet in a tag match.

Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose offer their rebuttal. The tag match is just a setup for when Nyla reclaims the Women's Championship at Fyter Fest night 2.

The Bunny (with The Blade) vs. Kris Statlander (with Orange Cassidy)

They lock up and Kris hits a waistlock takedown. Bunny takes Kris down by the legs and steps onto her spine. Bunny slaps the face, earning an enziguri. Powerslam by Statlander, and then a vertical suplex. Bunny superkicks Statlander off of the turnbuckles, and then hits a shotgun dropkick into the barricade. Yes, this means it's time for some commercials. They return with Bunny hopping along and enjoying every second of it. Statlander makes her pay with a vicious powerslam at ringside. They slug it out in the ring, and Statlander hits a scoop slam for 2. Bunny blocks the Big Bang Theory, but eats a Blue Thunder Bomb for another nearfall. Bunny sprints into a German suplex off the ropes! Thrust kick by Bunny but KRIS KICKS OUT! Blade argues with referee Aubrey Edwards, but Cassidy takes away Bunny's bass knuckles. Kris hits the Big Big Bang Theory to win at 8:57! Perfectly good match between two works in progress, **½.
Winner: Kris Statlander

Blade blindsides Cassidy after the match, and TH2 run in to help. They hold Cassidy still for Blade to knock him out with the knucks. Blade suddenly looks like a big time villain.

Tony Shiavone interviews QT Marshall backstage. QT is annoyed by all the attention Brock Anderson is getting. QT says that Brock and Cody Rhodes aren't doing the work he's doing, and is working towards his dream of becoming a champion. He'll meet Cody in a strap match at Road Rager.

Brian Pillman Jr. accuses Miro of having a messiah complex. He's fighting for his friends and plans on defeating Miro for the TNT title next week.

Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo talk to the camera about their upcoming opportunity for tag team gold. Eddie rants about the Young Bucks' egos, and he knows that taking the tag titles will hurt them beyond repair. Penta promises to run over the Bucks.

AEW World Championship:
Kenny Omega © (with Don Callis and The Good Brothers) vs. Jungle Boy (with Jurrasic Express)

Marko Stunt and the Good Brothers are immediately ejected for their shenanigans. Omega backs JB into the corner and pats the chest on the break. Kenny traps the arm and swats at JB. Jungle Boy reverses into a wrist lock, but Omega takes him down by the hair. JB throws some chops, but Omega rakes the eyes. JB hits a springboard armdrag and dropkicks to the champ to ringside to massive crowd approval. Omega recovers by smashing his challenger into the barricade. Cue the commercials! They return with Omega throwing punishing chops, while the announcers promise that they'll stick with the match even if it extends past 10:00. Jungle Boy retaliates with a brainbuster to buy some time. JB dropkicks the knee, blocks a Snap Dragon, and nails a pair of tope suicidas. Omega avoids a third dive, but eats a tornado DDT, which sets up a JB dive. Omega hits a massive superplex for only 2! Omega follows with a Snap Dragon and V-Trigger, but JB reverses One Winged Angel into a spike rana! V-Trigger, powerbomb, and running knee by Omega only gets 2! Jungle Boy answers with the Snare Trap! Meanwhile, Jurassic Express and Frankie Kazarian fight the Good Brothers on the ramp. Omega escapes, and dukes it out with JB. Massive lariat by Jungle Boy, but Omega answers with a Brainbuster for another 2 count. V-Trigger, but JB blocks another One Winged Angel, and goes back to the Snare Trap! Omega gets the ropes. JB looks for a superplex, but Omega drops him onto the buckles, V-Trigger, and Tiger Driver 98, but JB kicks ou! The One Winged Angel ends it at 17:18. Tremendous match, Jungle Boy survived everything Omega threw at him unitl the one hold that no one escapes, ****¼.
Winner and still AEW World Champion: Kenny Omega

Omega's celebration is cut short by an attack by Christian Cage. The Hardy Family Office offers an assist, Christian looks for a Killswitch on Matt, but the Young Bucks make sure that doesn't happen. Twist of Fate on Christian, and the bad guys stand tall to end the broadcast.

Final Thoughts: I worry about sounding like a broken record, but this was another great show. I have to call it like I see it, and AEW is a very good product that deserves our support.

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