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AEW Dynamite
June 17, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

AEW Dynamite

From a mostly empty Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida, courtesy of COVID-19, which is currently making a comeback in the good state of Florida. The crowd consists of wrestlers, as per usual. Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, and Excalibur are on the call.

AEW Tag Team Championship:
Kenny Omega and Hangman Page © vs. The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall, with Brandi Rhodes)

QT's new girlfriend, Allie, is MIA. Omega and Dustin aggressively lock up and Kenny looks for One Winged Angel, but Dustin fires with a rana off the ropes. An errant knee from Omega seems to knock Dustin loopy. Page and Marshall tag in for some grappling, and Marshall scores a dropkick. Page answers with clothesline, and the champs corner QT. Dustin is able to tag and helps QT hit a double legsweep for 2. Meanwhile, Britt Baker's seat is near commentary, and she's able to send handwritten messages to Shiavone on a clothesline. With that, Britt is approaching Orange Cassidy levels of weekly "what will she do" excellence. Back to the actual match, Omega is in big trouble as Dustin hits a high back body drop. Desperate Kotaro Crusher by Omega allows a hot tag to Page for some Cowboy Sh!t. Omega returns with the Finlay roll and moonsault on QT for 2. Marshall rebounds with a back handspring kick on Page for 2. Dustin catches Omega with a clothesline, atomic drop, and bulldog. Dustin serves power slams and moonsaults onto both champs. The ring clears for Dustin's cannonball on Page, and the QT Special on Omega. QT can't hit a Diamond Cutter and eats a Snap Dragon, but Dustin saves with a Destroyer. Page breaks it up and QT's Diamond Cutter buys some time. Allie arrives to cheer her man on, but he crashes off the top rope and gets swarmed by the champs. QT survives a V-Trigger, but the Last Call finishes him at 12:55. Good outing, despite the Natural Nightmares not exactly being great challengers, **¾.
Winners and still AEW Tag Team Champions: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page

Later tonight, Cody defends the TNT Championship against "someone from outside AEW."

Personality video package for Anna Jay. She is sporting a magician look and wants to put on an entertaining show.

Anna Jay vs. Abadon

With Baker and Statlander injured, and Riho and Priestely stuck overseas, the newly signed Jay is getting a push! Abadon is a frightening, bruising individual with horror villain makeup Jay looks spooked, but doesn't back down. Abadon takes over with ground and pound offense. Abadon hits a step up rana… FOR THE WIN at 1:17! Wow, this was set up to be a jobber match for Jay, and totally caught me off guard.
Winner: Abadon

Jay is still processing her loss when Mr. Brodie Lee and the Dark Order arrive to recruit another loser. They make another pass at Colt Cabana in the front row, handing him an envelope with some more literature. Jay does not seem to object to their help as they assist her to the back.

MJF (with The Wardlow) vs. "The Leader of the Gunn Club" Billy (with Austin and Colten Gunn)

Yeah, Billy can't use his kayfabe last name for legal reasons, but his two sons can, so he's the mere "leader" of the Gunn Club. MJF wants no part of Billy and retreats immediately. MJF goes for the arm with no success, so he pretends he was only trying to shake hands. MJF has better luck with cheap shots, but Billy nails a big boot for 2. MJF retreats into the tunnel, so Billy carries him back, but MJF snaps his neck on the ropes. MJF showboats, not realizing that Billy popped up, but blocks the Fame-asser, and chopblocks the knee. COMMERCIAL! MJF relentlessly attacks the knee like any good throwback heel should. MJF worries about Jungle Boy in the front row a bit too much and misses a rear drop. Billy gingerly makes a comeback. MJF applies a Calf Crusher, but referee Aubrey Edwards catches him using the ropes for leverage. MJF gets in Edwards' face, can't steal the Fame-asser, so Billy hits a proper one. Wardlow distrats Edwards from the cover and beats up a young Gunn. Billy tosses Wardlow into the rails, but MJF connects with a loaded KO punch for the win at 9:57. This was fine, MJF continues to get over, **½.
Winner: MJF

Jungle Boy pulls MJF into a confrontation, and Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus have his back in a brawl.

Backstage interview with Le Sex Gods. Chris Jericho is still wielding Floyd and states he bloodied Orange Cassidy up for having to audacity to interrupt the Inner Circle twice. Sammy Guevara thinks it's funny that they beat the pulp out of OC. After they beat Best Friends tonight, they'll be the new #1 contenders, because they are brothers. Blood is thicker than orange juice!

Tony talks to Dr. Britt Baker on her "Roles Royce." Britt has been sending sweet notes to him all night, but now she's pissed, and puts them on a friendship timeout. She orders Reba to drive her out, but Big Swole is sitting in the drivers seat and peels out of the amphitheatre! Ha, that's great.

Cody and Arn Anderson come to the ring for Cody's weekly TNT title match. Cody can't help but notice that he's been on his own during recent attacks, and wonders outloud if he's still a part of the Elite, or if the Nightmare Family is really a family. He puts over his coach, AA, and wants his thoughts on matter. Arn believes that Cody can beat Jake Hager (who watches on backstage) but first he needs to deal with a talented mystery opponent, someone who can help hone his skills. Ricky Starks appears on the jumbo tron, and he puts himself over as a hot free agent and former NWA TV Champion. He's ready to go the distance! If you're unfamiliar with Starks, I suggest going back and watching some NWA Powerrr on Youtube.

TNT Championship:
Cody © (with Arn Anderson) vs. Ricky Starks

They feel each other out and trade holds. Cody hits a shoulder block and uppercut, but Starks fires back with a slap. Cody doesn't like that and unloads on the newcomer, but Starks returns the fire. Big dropkick by Cody, followed by the Bob Holly kick between the thighs. Tope Suicida by Cody, but Starks then sends Cody ribcage-first into the ropes. Guillotine leg drop on the apron by Starks gets 1. Starks takes a swing at Arn, who then moves Cody out of harm's way. Tornado DDT by Starks gets 2. Cody breaks a chinlock and Starks runs into an errant headbutt. Cody blocks a swinging DDT and nails a powerslam. Starks blocks Cross Rhodes but Cody hits a reverse suplex. Starks rebounds with a superplex, and a crossbody to ringside. An intense slugfest leads to a Starks spear for a good nearfall. A series of counters and pin predicaments leads to Cody hitting Cross Rhodes to retain at 8:35! Good, competitive match, and hopefully a sign that Starks will stick around, ***.
Winner and still TNT Champion: Cody

Superbad Squad (Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc, with Penelope Ford) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

Havoc goes right after Matt's injured ribs. Young Bucks respond with a quick tag and Nick leg drop. They swarm Sabian with a Polish hammer, leg drop combo and dump the Superbad Squad for stereo dives. The Butcher and Blade talk some smack at the Bucks, which buys them all some time. The Bucks continue to go supernova anyway, prompting Butcher and Blade to jump onto the apron. The ref misses Havoc hitting Matt in the bad ribs with a plastic sign. CUE THE COMMERCIAL! They return with Superbad Squad working Matt over in their corner. Butcher and Blade are still lurking when FTR arrive, with coffee in hand. Matt takes more punishment but counters with a powerbomb off the second rope! Nick gets the hot tag and and wildly cleans house, including dives onto the stage! Nick locks Havoc into a sharpshooter, and Matt assists with an elbow drop! Havoc tries to bring in a mallet while Ford interferes. Havoc hits Nick with a Fisherman DDT for a close fall. Superbad Squad's assisted DDT gets a scary nearfall. Sabian is bleeding from the ear and runs into a SUPERKICK! Matt hits rolling Northern Lights suplexes, and catapults Havoc into Nick's enziguri and diving knee. Havoc survives Risky Business! A standoff between Butcher and Blade and FTR distracts the Bucks, and Sabian hits a double stomp on Matt, but Nick makes the save! Matt digs deep for a double overhead suplex and a SUPERKICK PARTAY breaks out. They force Sabian to piledrive his own partner and superkick for the win at 14:40! This show severely needs more Young Bucks matches, ***½.
Winners: The Young Bucks

Butcher, Blade, and FTR brawl in the ring, with FTR leaving them down and out. The Young Bucks and FTR hit stereo assisted piledrivers on Butcher and Blade, and stare each other down.

Taz and Brian Cage hang out in the parking lot. Taz compares Jon Moxley to a screaming banshee and mocks him for thinking he can beat Cage. Taz wants to teach Moxley some misery, and Cage wishes Fyter Fest was right now so he could take the champ's head off.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley cuts a promo from the shadows. He is the judge, jury, and executioner of AEW, so what makes Cage think he can get in the ring with him just because he won a ladder match.

Reba finds Britt Baker stuck in a dumpster. Britt is in a rage and fires Reba for not stopping Big Swole from abducting her. She demands to know why Reba took a bathroom break and why Tony Shiavone didn't stop Big Swole either. Britt vows to make Big Swole pay, even if it's the last thing she does.

Normal Matt Hardy joins commentary. He's got Sammy Guevara in singles action on the next Dynamite.

Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent)

Best Friends know they're in a tough spot and attack Le Sex Gods before the bell. Chuck chokes Jericho out on the floor while Sammy and Trent brawl. Chuck drags Jericho into the ring for a stomping. Jericho fires back with a missile dropkick, and the Inner Circle take over. Jericho missesa a rough looking Lionsault, and Trent gets a needed tag. Trent chops the life out of Guevara and knocks Jericho off the apron. Trent runs into Guevara's bicycle kick, but he answers with a suplex. Trent dives onto Jericho's baseball bat! Le Sex Gods regain control in time for a commercial. They beat up Trent through the break. Sammy runs into Trent's double stomp to the chest! Hot tag to Chuck leads to a Falcon Arrow on Sammy for 2. Chuck misses the moosault but saves face with a sitout powerbomb, but Jericho breaks the cover. Guevara hits a jawbreaker, but Best Friends hit the Sole Food/Suplex combo. Jericho breaks up their signature hug, but Best Friends keep on rolling. Guevara launches onto Chuck at ringside while Jericho puts Trent into the Walls. Trent gets the ropes and hits a desperation clothesline. Guevara ambushes Trent, but gets caught on the top rope for the electric chair superplex! Jericho gouges Trent's eyes but Sammy's roll-up gets 2. Chuck grabs a chair, but Jericho throws him over the rail. Guevara cracks Trent with the bat and hits a Shooting Star Press, but TRENT KICKS OUT! The camera man trips Sammy, allowing Trent to hit a reverse piledriver for the win at 15:38! This was really good down the stretch, with high stakes and good false finishes, ***¾.
Winners: Best Friends

The cheating camera man is non other than Orange Cassidy, who totally unloads on Chris Jericho! OC lands a Superman punch that sends Jericho crashing through the ropes! OC gives the half-hearted thumbs up and hugs it out with the Best Friends.

Final Thoughts: This was the filler episode that everyone said last week's Dynamite was. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as the table has been set for Fyter Fest. No major complaints, but you'd be forgiven if you took this week off.

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