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AEW Dynamite- April 28, 2021

by Samoa Rowe

AEW Dynamite

From Daily's Place, from now, until possibly July, when Jim Ross speculates that AEW can resume touring.

Hangman Adam Page is supposed to be in action but gets jumped by Team Taz on the stage. The Dark Order runs in for the save, because in AEW, babyfaces have friends. Brian Cage manages to powerbomb Page on the ramp and throws him into the ring and it looks like we'll still get a match.

Hangman Adam Page vs. Brian Cage

Cage is immediately in control thanks to the previous ambush and continues to pile it on with a belly to belly suplex. Cage lifts Page like a weight and hts an overhead slam, but Page blocks the standing moonsault. Cage recovers with a vertical suplex off the bottom rope. Page dumps Cage to ringside, but dives into the big man's arms. Page avoids a ring post smash and winces as he delivers a top rope moonsault. Cage blocks the Buckshot and hits the F-5 for 2. Powerbomb by Cage and deadlift buckle bomb. The Drillclaw finishes Page at 5:43! Shocking result, as this entire segment felt tailor-made to give Page a gutsy comeback victory. As it stands, this was a rather dramatic squash, **.
Winner: Brian Cage

Kenny Omega is riding high after adding the Impact World Championship to his belt collection, and is living it up in a crowded limo with his entourage. Omega is still upset about Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston crashing their truck into their trailer, and he's sick of non-wrestling attempts to intimidate them. Omega declares that he is not afraid, but then they all panic when someone honks a car horn.

AEW Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match:
AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson, with Don Callis) vs. Matt and Mike Sydal

Matt Jackson locks up with Mike Sydal and they use their athleticism to flip out of holds. Mike sweeps the leg and hits a standing moonsault. Nick tags and rushes into an armdrag. Tag to Matt Sydal, who puts Nick into a muffler. The Sydals hit a tandem drop toe hold and welcome Matt Jackson with stereo dropkicks. Sneaky tag by the Bucks allows Matt Jackson to surprise Mike with a superkick. Back from commercials, the Bucks are playing the ol' switcheroo to maintain control of Mike. Referee Mike Knox seems to figure it out but doesn't stop them. Matt Sydal gets a hot tag anyway and runs wild through the Jacksons. Sydal blocks the Meltzer Driver and hits combination offense on both Bucks. The Sydals hit stereo Meteoras for a good nearfall. Matt Sydal hits both Bucks with a single rana and gets a 2.9999 count on a crucifix pin. Sydal's hot streak ends when Matt Jackson viciously dumps him onto the buckles for a hideous landing. Matt punches Mike square in the groin, and the BTE Trigger ends it at 9:58. Good spot-filled mayhem, but the Bucks' switcheroo ended up being distracting and unnecessary, **¾.
Winners: The Young Bucks

Michael Nakazawa sprays down the Bucks and hands them ice packs. They're confronted by SCU, who don't like what they're seeing from The New Young Bucks and also want to finally pay off their promise from December when they vowed to break up the next time they lost a tag match. Well, they've racked up wins on Dark, and now they're the #1 contenders. Christopher Daniels is upset that they can't challenge their old friends, because the current Bucks are a couple of b!tches. They plan on making AEW a better place by taking out these @ssholes.

Video promo with Jade Cargill, who isn't happy that all her manager suitors want a cut of her income. She's a bad b!tch and won't allow it.

Orange Cassidy (with Trent?) vs. Penta el Zero Miedo (with Alex Abrahantes)

Penta isn't in the mood for OC's pockets shtick and swats down his wrists. OC seems slightly bothered by this, and watches Penta make a show out of removing his glove. Penta palm strikes OC, so he nonchalantly takes off his shades and gets his hands in pockets at last for some sloth kicks. OC hits an arm drag and monkey flip, and tries his luck with a Beach Break, but Penta reverses into a backbreaker. Cassidy gets a chinlock, but Penta bites his way out. Penta blocks a tope suicida with a press slam! Back from commercials, Penta is dominating. Cassidy comes back with a high crossbody. Penta blocks a tornado DDT and nails a brainbuster. OC shows some emotion as he fires away punches, but Penta hits a pump handle driver for 2. Cassidy blocks an armbreaker by sticking his hand into a pocket, and sends Penta into a rage. Thrust kick by Cassidy, but Penta answers with his own. Penta blocks the Orange Punch and nails a Destroyer, but Cassidy pops up for Beach Break for a close nearfall! Penta pummels OC into the corner and hits a running thrust kick. Cassidy reverses into a Stunner and nails a diving DDT! Spinning DDT by OC but Penta kicks out! Abrahantes interrupts on the microphone to talk some smack about Trent's mom. Cassidy brings Abrahantes into the ring, only to eat Penta's superkick. OC blocks a piledriver and hits an Orange Punch to win at 13:06! Whew, I was lamenting that Cassidy should be too smart to fall for a lame distraction finish, but that was just a red herring. This was great after the commercial, ***½.
Winner: Orange Cassidy

Britt Baker is in a great mood and gives Tony Shiavone a big hug. She's beaming about having reached the top of the women's rankings. She's going to remind us all why she's the face of the division.

Tony Shiavone hosts the Blood n' Guts parley between The Pinnacle and Chris Jericho's Inner Circle (accompanied by biker security). Shawn Spears interrupts Tony's introduction, and says the Pinnacle are refusing a coin toss because they are being dragged into this. Spears mocks the Inner Circle for not being ready, especially Sammy Guevara for not having wrestled in ages. Sammy isn't bothered by Spears, because he's been a failure in AEW, and the Pinnacle can have the advantage if they want, because he'd fight them all by himself. Cash Wheeler then pleads with Santana and Ortiz to not bring the “Jericho's lapdogs” version of themselves to the fight. Dax Harwood adds that Blood n' Guts is his world and he's not afraid to die, and suggests that Santana and Ortiz give their children a proper goodbye. Ortiz holds Santana back. MJF takes a turn and gives Jericho an insincere “thank you” for making AEW possible. MJF cannot imagine the pressure Jericho is under to carry the company on his back every time he sets foot in the ring, and can't help but notice his bloodshot eyes, so he'll relieve him of that burden at Blood n' Gut. Jericho tells MJF off for assuming he can have a spot without earning it. Jericho goes on to say that at 25 he was headlining in Mexico, Germany, and Japan, which taught him respect and has lead to him being here today. He has all the faith in the Inner Circle, they've been together since the start of AEW, and they're not going to be killed at Blood n' Guts. Next week, summer starts early for MJF and the Pinnacle. Tremendous mic work by everyone involved, and we didn't even get to hear from Tully Blanchard.

Michael Nakazawa is sitting in the ring. Eddie Kingston comes out all agitated, and says that he won't do this "sports entertainment crap" and demands that Kenny Omega come face him. Omega arrives on the stage and calmly says that Eddie doesn't get the champ just because he wants him. Nakazawa attacks Eddie from behind but is quickly put down with an exploder suplex and spinning back fist. Eddie threatens to Pillmanize Nakazawa if Kenny doesn't get into the ring. Kenny leaves his friend out to dry and orders Brandon Cutler to act as a goon. Cutler gets tossed onto the stage. Jon Moxley clocks Kenny from behind and sets him up for a Pillmanizing. Don Callis pleads for a deal to save Kenny. Moxley demands a tag match against Omega and Nakazawa, and Callis agrees for next week.

Tony Shiavone interviews Taz backstage about Christian Cage rejecting his offer for Team Taz. Christian arrives for a rebuttal and accuses Taz of no longer being able to back up his tough talk. Christian thinks Taz resents him for coming back from retirement and it's only a matter of time before the members of Team Taz realize they'd be better off on their own.

Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian) vs. Kris Statlander (with Orange Cassidy)

Ford hasn't forgotten about what Kris did to her at Arcade Anarchy and they brawl at the bell. Kris hits a nice press slam. Ford trips and spins Kris into a head punch. Statlander fakes a dive and boops Ford's nose. Ford answers with a big boot and dropkicks Kris off the apron. Back from commercials, they're slugging it out. Statlander hits a slick trip lariat. Statlander's running offense looks good and she hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Ford answers with a German suplex. Ford seemingly botches a flipping neckbreaker, but gets protected by a wise camera cut. Ford misses a back handspring elbow, and Kris hits the Solar Eclipse for 2. Roundhouse kick by Ford gets 2. Kris interrupts another handspring attempt, Cassidy stops Sabian from interfering, and Kris hits a slam to win at 7:44. A bit sloppy, but Kris displayed the right combination of intensity and goofiness, **.
Winner: Kris Statlander

Video package for 10, who wants to win the TNT Championship to honor the late Brodie Lee. 10 is embracing his role as Brodie Jr.'s favorite wrestler.

The Factory (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solow, with Anthony Ogogo) vs. The Nightmare Family (Billy Gunn, Dustin Rhodes, and Lee Johnson)

The Factory arrive in a Nightmare Family tour bus, which infuriates the actual Nightmare Family, who initiate a brawl before the bell can ring. QT sucker punches Billy to instantly make him the face in peril. Comoroto targets Billy's taped ribs with a bear hug. Hot tag to Dustin, who unloads his classic bag of tricks until Comoroto knocks him down. Back from commercials, QT gets carried away with a crotch chop, and Dustin makes the hot tag to Johnson, who relishes the opportunity to shine while cleaning house. Johnson hits Solow with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Comoroto saves the match. Lee clears the ring for a corkscrew plancha. Ogogo ambushes Johnson with the Liver Punch, and hits another on Gunn for good measure. QT gets the easy cover on Johnson at 6:42. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't kind of digging Ogogo's Liver Punch gimmick, **.
Winners: The Factory

Comoroto lays Dustin out with his bull rope, so you know where this is heading. Billy's sons run in to beat up QT and the Factory hold them back while he flees to the tour bus. Cody Rhodes pops out of the bus and beats down his old buddy Cody follows QT to the top of the bus, with Aubrey Edwards in tow for some reason. Cody puts QT into a Figure Four on the roof! QT taps out and Cody poses to end a segment that I enjoyed far more than I want to admit.

TNT Championship:
Darby Allin © (with Sting) vs. 10 (with The Dark Order)

Tense start, as Darby isn't thrilled by the Dark Order's presence. Darby goes for a side headlock, but 10 hits a mighty shoulder tackle. Darby messes with 10's mask and goes back to the headlock, but 10 reverses into a backbreaker. 10 hits a pair of hard Irish whips, but Darby chopblocks the back of the knee. Darby flies into 10's shoulder block. Back from commercials, Darby reverses a press slam into a lateral press. 10 recovers with a slick spinebuster. Single arm powerbomb by 10 gets 2. Darby goes after the arm and twists the fingers. 10 slips out and thrusts Darby into the barricade and ring frame. 10 stares down Sting, allowing Darby to recover with a somersault senton off the top rope. Sting steps in to stop the Dark Order from interfering. Ethan Page sneaks in to ambush Allin, leaving 10 in position for an easy win. Wheelbarrow suplex by 10 but Darby kicks out! Darby blocks a Full Nelson and rips at 10's mask again. Darby springboards into a Full Nelson but he kicks off the buckles to drop 10 into a pinning predicament to win at 12:13! Good match with a clever finish, ***.
Winner and still TNT Champion: Darby Allin

Darby pays respect with a Brodie arm band, so things are cool between him and the Dark Order. They don't stick around to help when Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page rush the ring to beat down Sting and Darby! Sky puts Sting into a heel hook while Page forces Darby to watch. Lance Archer and 10 make a late save while Jake Roberts watches from the stage. Sky and Page flee, but are pretty satisfied with themselves.

Final Thoughts: Overwhelming easy to watch episode this week.

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