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AEW Dynamite: February 9, 2022

by Doc Allen

AEW Dynamite

Live from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Our hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, and Excalibur.

A somewhat embarrassed looking Wardlow hauls some cutouts to the ring. One cutout shows MJF sitting in CM Punk's classic pose, the other shows MJF choking Punk out. After Wardlow is finished setting up the props like an obedient servant, FTR and Tully Blanchard come out to proper ring introductions. Even Shawn Spears gets a dignified entrance, he is the greatest accountabilibuddy of all time, in case you forgot. Finally, MJF joins the party as the guest of honor, carried in sitting on a throne by servants. A couple of "rats" greet him, one really lays into him with french kissing (must be his real life girlfriend, or a really committed actress). MJF thinks he's the Best in the World after "beating Punk twice in Chicago." MJF overlooks Wardlow's assist and butters up Spears instead, which earns a "Wardlow" chant. MJF is ready to become AEW Champion. CM Punk has finally heard enough and calls MJF's victory as suspect as his spray tan. Punk expects trouble and brings out his friends, Darby Allin and Sting. Punk demands a rematch with the guy that beat him in Chicago, WARDLOW! But first, Punk gives Wardlow to leave these jerks behind. MJF insists he beat Punk himself, which doesn't sit well with Wardlow. Dax Harwood wants to fight and suggests a rematch from the Greensboro six man. MJF proposes that if Punk can beat FTR with any partner besides Sting and Darby, he'll give him any match he wants. This was good in a vacuum, but I don't want to see Raw openings on Dynamite too often.

Backstage, Sting and Darby Allin meet Andrade El Idolo face to face, with Tony Shiavone stuck in the middle. Andrade is still convinced that Darby works for Sting. Darby thinks Andrade is a waste of his time, he'd rather focus on becoming TNT Champion again. Andrade also has his sights on the TNT title, so they may be on a collision course.

The Blade vs. Wardlow (with Shawn Spears)

Blade chop blocks the back of Wardlow's knee and takes an early lead. Fans chant for Wardlow, who pops up for a clothesline. Wardlow hobbles over for an overhead belly to belly suplex. Wardlow throws another pair of suplexes, Blade slips outside, but Wardlow rams him into the ring post. Back from commercials, Wardlow makes a comeback with shoulder thrusts. Blade scores some knee strikes, but Wardlow answers with a powerbomb. Wardlow continues the Powerbomb Symphony and wins at 6:17. Good extended squash in that the crowd got behind Wardlow much more than usual. Not bad for a guy who helped screw CM Punk a week ago.
Winner: Wardlow

Spooooky Penta El Zero Miedo video package. Penta is willing to follow Malakai Black into the darkness.

Chris Jericho leads Jake Hager and TNT Champion Sammy Guevara to the ring for the Inner Circle's mandatory team meeting. Jericho says they haven't seen Santana and Ortiz all day, but the duo arrives on cue. Jericho is still steaming over them not tagging him in two weeks ago. Santana says they've realized that Jericho only cares about Jericho. Any time they get close to the tag titles, they have to push it aside to rescue Jericho. Santana and Ortiz are finished playing second fiddle. If not for Ortiz, Santana would have hit Jericho long ago. Jericho says they remind him of Eddie Guerrero, they get worked up and blame everyone around them. Jericho credits himself for bringing them fame and fortune and considers kicking them out of the Inner Circle. Jericho thinks he invited the wrong LAX members, and asks Hager if he's got Homicide and Hernandez' numbers, which gets an emotional reaction from Santana. Sammy steps in to cool them off. He loves them all, but this bickering isn't helping his career, and he drops his IC vest and leaves. Santana and Ortiz challenge Jericho and Hager to a fight next week. Jericho didn't want this, but accepts.

Tony Shiavone talks to Rocky Romero and Trent Beretta backstage. Rocky is feeling better, so their postponed match with the Young Bucks will happen next week. The Bucks show up to distract them from an Adam Cole ambush, and they leave them down with BTE Triggers. Switchblade Jay White arrives to help, but he may not be on their side.

Isiah Kassidy (with AHFO) vs. ???

The mystery man is none other than KEITH LEE. The fans seem pleased with this reveal. Kassidy is irate, and Lee tosses him across the ring like a rag doll. Kassidy tries again by running the ropes, but Lee wipes him out with a crossbody. Lee takes a moment to menace Marq Quen and then hits Kassidy with a slingshot crossbody. Kassidy hits a glancing dropkick, but Lee answers with a POUNCE! Matt Hardy slips away through the crowd. Quen interferes, allowing Kassidy to hit a cutter and then a corkscrew plancha. Lee stumbles back in and swats Kassidy down. Lee finishes with his patented power slam at 4:30. Quen's interference kept this from being a straight squash. Lee has arrived.
Winner: Keith Lee

Private Party dropkick Lee to ringside, but Lee blocks their dives. He powerbombs Quen onto Kassidy and again onto the ring frame.

Video promo with AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker (with Mercedes Martinez). Britt is paying Martinez' checks, so she wants her to take Thunder Rosa out in a No DQ's match.

CM Punk and ??? vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, with Tully Blanchard)

??? turns out to be Jon Moxley, which sends MJF into a panic backstage. Moxley flips off FTR, but bows to Tully, on his way in. Jim Ross seriously asks how Moxley and Punk will coexist. Love you, Jim, please don't go there. Punk mixes it up with Dax, who has a little tantrum when Punk escapes a headlock. FTR work together to trap Punk, but it doesn't last, as Moxley saunters in on a tag. Moxley gets the better of Dax, but Wheeler's distraction lets Dax attack Punk's knee. Punk gets hobbled, but still tags in Moxley for an abbreviated hot tag. Moxley runs wild and hits FTR with double DDT's. Cash trips Moxley, but Punk helps with a flying clothesline. Punk slingshots into FTR's arms, but Moxley helps with a tope suicida. Back from commercials, FTR are in control after putting Moxley through the timekeeper's table. Moxley beats the countout, but is easy fodder for FTR. Moxley hits a timely suplex on Cash, but Dax intercepts Punk to prevent a tag. FTR hit Moxley with a tandem flying leg drop for 2. Moxley dodges another leg drop and blasts a lariat. Punk storms in on a hot tag. Punk and Moxley hit Dax with a Doomsday Device! Moxley takes Wheeler out with a plancha, while Dax kicks out at 2. Cash hits Mox with a tornado DDT at ringside. Cash knocks the ring bell into Punk's head, Dax hits a brainbuster, but Punk kicks out! Punk can't hit GTS and FTR hit the Big Rig, but Moxley breaks the cover. Fans chant "This is awesome!" The match breaks down, FTR look for the stuffed piledriver, but Moxley puts Dax into the bulldog choke. Punk makes Cash submit to the Anaconda Vice, but the ref doesn't see it, and Tully interferes. GTS on Tully! Paradigm Shift on Dax and GTS on Cash ends it at 18:47! Tremendous tag team war that came out of nowhere, ****.
Winners: CM Punk and Jon Moxley

TBS Championship:
Jade Cargill © (with Smart Mark Sterling) vs. AQA

Yes, this is exactly the type of match I imagined Jade having as TBS Champion. AQA is a student of Booker T, so hopefully he won't have a crazy take about her debut. Bell rings, Jade hits a quick front slam. AQA manages an armdrag, but Jade deadlifts her, flexes , and hits a package slam! AQA hits a pop up dropkick, but Jade knocks her down with an elbow. Back from commercials, AQA mounts an underdog comeback right on cue. Sling blade by AQA, followed by a DDT. Shooting Star Press by AQA, but Jade kicks out! AQA teases another SSP, but Jade gets up, nearly slips while reversing a crossbody into a power slam. Jaded ends it at 7:46. They were struggling to keep this together after the break. When I said I imagined matches like this, I meant SHORTER matches like this, *.
Winner and still TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

The Young Bucks and Adam Cole talk to the Cutler Cam. They are pleased with themselves for taking out Roppongi Vice ahead of their match on Rampage. The Bucks argue with Cole about whether or not they can trust someone like Jay White, who used to be Kenny Omega's archnemesis. Cole thinks the Bullet Club lineage means more, and vouches for him.

Serena Deeb comes out to talk. She doesn't think there's anyone backstage who can last 5 minutes with her and issues a professor's rookie challenge.


Serena Deeb vs. Katie Arquette

What, TWO women's matches on Dynamite? This is truly the TBS era. Serena roughs up Katie at the bell. Serena turns her back, reverses a waistlock into a neckbreaker. Serena stops to check the time before fully applying the Serenity Lock to win at 1:03. Now this is the kind of squash match I can get behind.
Winner: Serena Deeb

Video promo hyping up Jurassic Express vs. The Gunn Club on Rampage. The Gunn Club recently threw Jungle Boy into SNOW, so you know it's serious.

AEW World Championship (Texas Death Match):
Hangman Adam Page © vs. Lance Archer (with Dan Lambert and Jake Roberts)

The stips are victory by pinfall or KO only, apparently skipping the 10 count after pinfalls. No entrances, the fight starts backstage. They brawl through the tunnel and Hangman scores a belt shot before throwing Archer through some plexiglass. Hangman hauls a bloody Archer to the ring and nails the Buckshot Lariat! Archer gets up and blocks Hangman's dive with a lid. Lambert arrives to unscrew a turnbuckle. Archer tries a chokeslam in the crowd, but Hangman counters with a moonsault from a ledge. Back to the ring, Hangman is surprised to find that the top rope has been removed, neutralizing the Buckshot Lariat. Archer takes control in time for commercials. Back from break, they're fighting on the ring frame above two tables. Hangman is a bloody mess and gets driven into a turnbuckle. Jake pops the crowd by hitting Hangman with a short arm clothesline (while Archer uncovers some concrete). Archer interrupts Jake from hitting a DDT, and Jake pouts while Hangman hits Archer with a DDT of his own. Page hits a series of kendo shots, which seems to actually revive Archer. Archer destroys the kendo stick and chokeslams Page through a can! Archer then takes a fork to Hangman's forehead and licks it clean. Archer hits a cannonball senton and then poses with the AEW title. Archer then hits Blackout off the apron through turned over ring steps! Page won't stay down and pulls barbed wire off Archer's chair for rolling elbows to the face. Back suplex by Hangman, who then launches off the referee to hit a Buckshot Lariat through the table! Archer is unable to stand up and Page wins at 15:57! This was a fantastic brawl and stunt show. Hangman conquers his monster of the month in convincing fashion, ****.
Winner and still AEW World Champion: Hangman Adam Page

Adam Cole struts in and hoists the AEW title. He drapes the belt over Hangman's shoulder and gives him a menacing pat on the chest.

Final Thoughts: The first half of this episode was very storyline heavy, with the soap opera drama surrounding the Inner Circle and MJF's theatrics. The second half got right down to business with a great surprise tag match, followed by a Texas Death Match that simply overdelivered. The build for Revolution should really begin in earnest next week. Recommended.

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