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RXW: Rain of Champions April 25, 2009

by Sassy

I am fired up about this one. I found a guy in Panama willing to do live reports and take photos at the RXW events. He did not have the proper credentials to be at ringside, but the photos rocked anyway. You can see the some of the photos at Wrestling Update Online. Here is the review in English. I have it in Spanish if anyone is interested.

Live Review and photographs by David Augusto Beitia

The event started with the apparition of Hijos de la Oscuridad with Kaiser leading the pack followed by Didimo, Armagedon, Anarquia, and Psycho Kid to introduce their newest member, Cuervo. The entire group celebrated by drinking rum. After minutes of their usual display of arrogance, AP Dynamite and Nick Romano appeared at the commentator desk, showing a video were there was a guy urinating in the bottle of rum causing the HDLO to almost puke and making them very angry.

FIRST MATCH: Arlequin vs Superstar Luzbel.
A match that went from technique to extreme, Luzbel nearly dominated the entire match with chairs and other weapons. At the end Arlequin was decimated with a taser and the electric shock made him fall from the third rope into a table with Luzbel winning by pinfall. Luzbel decided to keep on hurting Arlequin when Toxico appeared to make the save.

SECOND MATCH: Nemesis VS The Rose.
This match was a good mix between great wrestling and funny moments delivered by The Rose, who is a transsexual wrestler. The Rose was intimidated Nemesis with kisses and erotic movements causing him to lose the focus on the match. The Rose defeated Nemesis after giving him a lesson of wrestling technique, The Rose wins by pinfall.

Slash intervention: Slash appeared during the celebration of The Rose, interrupting him to send a message to any wrestler that dared to confront him, then came to the ring Destructor de Idolos who is an unknown wrestler. He was instantly destroyed by Slash, but Armagedon came to the ring and defied Slash who never answered Armagedonís challenge.

INTERLUDE BY THE ROSE: The Rose presented his new talk show The Rose segment, with his guess Tony El Loco. Tony threatens The Rose as fast he came into the ring, suddenly Marabunta came and joined Tony to hurt The Rose. They left the ring after leaving a mauled Rose all over the place.

THIRD MATCH: TAG TEAM: Cuervo and Psycho Kid VS AP Dynamite and Nick Romano
Guest referee: Anarquia from HDLO.

The stipulation for this match was that they should use belts as weapons in order to win. The match lacked technical wrestling but not of intensity and fun. Nick and AP were disqualified for hurting the referee who had been interfering with the victory of Nick and AP Dynamite.

FOURTH MATCH: TAG TEAM TITLES: Armagedon and Didimo VS Corruption Crew(Pibe and Iceman).
These four had an intense match that started inside the ring with immediate domination of Hijos de la oscuridad over Corruption Crew, Armagedon took the action outside of the ring turning the battle into a hardcore match, Pibe recovered with high risk moves and Iceman with chairshots. Armagedon and Didimo recovered control of the match and Armagedon delivered a tombstone piledriver over Pibe and pins him 1-2-3 for the win of the RXW tag team titles.

FIFTH MATCH: TOTAL X TITLE, Dog Collar Match: Toxico VS Angelus
Angelus started the match dominating Toxico by blowing powder in his eyes and with assistance of one of the divas, he delivered a lot of hurt all over Toxicoís body. Toxico, unable to do almost anything but he recovered and gave back the punishment he received using the chains and technical wrestling. Toxico was about to win by touching the four corners of the ring when Luzbel came out and delivered a chairshot to the referee and Toxico, but Arlequin came out and helped Toxico. A new referee came to the ring and Toxico touched the four corners of the ring and became the new Total X champion, celebrating with Arlequin after the win.

From the beginning Tokyo Monster dominated PJD but the champion demonstrated why he is the champion. The match went outside the ring and all over the arena, PJD improvised a table with wood and chairs and delivered an elbow from nearly 12 feet in the air. PJD injured his right arm but kept fighting, Tokyo Monster used his kendo stick to continue to injure the arm of PJD and there was interference by Kaiser. The match moved back inside the ring and they fought some time before the match moved outside again and the refereeís count went to ten. Both were disqualified and PJD retained the RXW Heavyweight Title.

RXW has a website: RXW Online

Armagedon, rudoo, has a MySpace page: Armagedon. He has some awesome looking ring gear.

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